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fabric organisation

Haven’t posted on here for rather a while, before christmas I was insanely busy, and since christmas I’ve been rather ill, so haven’t really done anything of note.

I’ve been somewhat recovered over the last week or so, and needed to sort out my fabric collection anyway, due to hoping to attend zoe’s  fabric swap in Brighton on the 4th Feb. And to be honest it was getting a bit of  a nightmare, it hasn’t been that I didn’t know what I had, more that I had no idea how much of it I had, which has lead to inappropriate pattern buying..

So anyway, after tidying into a box all the patterns that are not in my current dress size, and tidying into a drawer all the pieces of fabric less than 2m in length, I’m left with this little lot!……..

tartan, probably wool,4m  that I bought from ditto fabrics last year. I know what I am going to do with this, I have a dress planned, but i am a bit scared of washing it, given I was a complete idiot and forgot to ask the care instructions when I bought it!

this one is also from ditto fabrics, it is 3m of stretch jersey stuff. Its the pair to the green I posted about that I bought a few months back (which is going to the fabric swap). I thought it was also a mistake, but simplicity have just brought out a madmen style office outfit, complete with a little cardigan/jacket that this will do perfectly for. I totally need to find out the care instructions for this, as dispute being polyester the green version did not wash at all well, so I will be asking when I visit Brighton in 2 weeks.

The colour does not come out as vivid as I had hoped, but this is 3m of fluorescent yellow twill from McCulloch and Wallace, that will be turned into a cycling jacket of some sort for jon. He has yet to decide whether he wants a 40’s, 60’s 70’s or denim/cowboy style jacket, but when he has I’ll start looking for a pattern.

these two are Liberty fabrics from their latest collection, I only got 2m of each as they were bloody expensive, which is not quite enough to make a long sleeved blouse. I am trialing a sleeveless blouse pattern at the moment, but if it doesn’t work I will go with the same pattern I used for my hellbunny style dress as that only takes 2m of the main decorative fabric.

this is actually mint green damask, 4m. Off Birmingham rag market. Not really sure what to do with this, mint green is terribly fashionable this year, so I ought to do something. This (and the next fabric I’m about to post) were bought to go with some 1940’s patterns I got my hands on. Unfortunately, the mockups of each pattern were such a disaster and I couldn’t work out exactly what had gone wrong, that I am ditching the patterns till I’ve lost a good bit of weight. However this does somewhat limit me to slightly more modern patterns for these dresses. For this one there is a 60’s repro pattern I have that might do the trick, but I haven’t tested it yet, so I’m not sure.

4m strawberries cotton from Goldhawke Road. As I said above, had the perfect 40’s pattern lined up for this one, fell through, really no idea what to do with it at all now! 😦

Have about 3m of this, tattoo print cotton off the internet, already had a blouse out of the same piece. had a 80’s nightdress pattern lined up for this, but when I opened it, it was missing 2 pieces. The lady from etsy gave me my money back, but I am on the lookout for another in the same size then I can get on and make this.

this is the glittery shiny stretch fabric I used to pin to my walls at uni, theres about 2m of it, and it is very 2000 style! I want to make a t-shirt out of it, but I was looking for a good pattern, but now I have sewaholic’s Renfrew pattern on order, that should work somehow or other.

And lastly this, more liberty fabric 2m from their quilting collection. Yeah, ok, its technically quilting cotton. I got loads, and have already made a nightdress that doesn’t fit anymore 😦 but 2m is an awkward amount, so I have no idea what to do with it yet.

so yeah, thats probably awfully boring for anyone who isn’t me, but at least I’m organised now, and know what I’ve got. Hopefully I will be coming back from Brighton with a load more fabric, but this lot will take me the best part of the year to do the rate I’m going. Need to be less ill 😦

Now I suppose I’d better go and get on with it!