I wear my sunglasses at night

Yeah, I’d almost forgotten I have this blog………as predicted Jon being off for several weeks meant I did an awful lot of partying and chatting and not very much practical, and then spent 3 weeks sleeping to recover afterwards!

However in the last week or so I have started to feel better. I’ve cut the pieces out to make another top, but of course now the weather has gone all summer like I’m suddenly finding myself short of cotton sundresses that barely make it out the rest of the year!

Yesterday we went for a walk to my favourite charity shop in Beckenham, and they were selling sunglasses for a pound each….so I bought 3 pairs.

these are a fairly normal looking, what I imagine to be fairly modern pair, but they have metal inserts inside the plastic frames and I think they are fairly good quality. Not the worlds most interesting, but they will do for being slightly smarter/more normal looking.

These I think are an 80’s pair, they have a lovely gold bit on the sides of the frames


And finally these babies!


So totally Elton John! I can’t tell if they are original, a fashion for copies of these came out a couple of years ago, but I have never seen any of the copies being this massively huge! So I think maybe they are proper seventies ones. They are awesome anyway.


close up of the excessive amount of rhinestones!

I am still on the lookout for my dream black summer sunhat. I thought I’d found one when I went to Ledbury with my parents a few weeks ago, but it was too small. I think I have rather a large head by hat standards!

However at least this year my eyes will be protected in style.

Now all I have to do is find cases for them (possibly as a matter of urgency). Does anywhere apart from opticians and the internet do cheap, and hopefully interesting, glasses cases? Poundland?

2 thoughts on “I wear my sunglasses at night

  1. I like them all! Didn’t like the first pair at first but later, yes, more ok. Second definitely. The third pair you need to wear after dark some time!
    ISTR that there was a fashion in the 1980s for wearing single-piece shades something like Jordi Laforge’s visor? – found a link http://www.liketotally80s.com/80s-sunglasses.html (same quote at the top as well!)

    • oh my god yeah! I remember those! I was far too young to have a pair, but they were so cool!

      I’m not that sure about the first pair either, the photo is not amazing I guess, they do suit me a bit more in real life. But they were a quid, and I have a complete talent for sitting on and loosing sunglasses, so its good to have spares!

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