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Dare to wear

Today my Mum came down to London to take me out for the day and I decided it would be a good idea to take her to see Dare  To Wear at St Pancras Church in Euston.

I’d heard vague things about the exhibition, and it’s only just opened, but I saw a picture of this necklace…….


I think its by  Tatty Devine, and the premise of the exhibition was put this way in promotional material…

“We join 26 visionary artists exploring the wardrobe conundrums:  ‘Will flamboyance set you free?’ ‘Will wearing beige really kill you?’ and ‘What should we wear on the way to the afterlife?’.”

So I thought it was worth a look.

The exhibition is in the crypt of St Pancras Church, which is probably the second most weeping angel infested place in central London (apart from Kensington Gardens)….


….and not really somewhere I’d go at night.

But its a really atmospheric venue for what is a totally amazing exhibition.

As soon as I walked in I saw more rhinestones and fake jewels, dismembered barbies and shop mannequins than I’ve ever seen in one place before and I got really excited because if I was going to set the criteria for my dream art exhibition those would be somewhere on the list.

It was also quite freaky as it was kind of like walking into a collage or a shrine from Rookie Magazine!

Anyway…this post is about to get seriously picture heavy, and I am ashamed to say they are not very good pictures 😦

This is because my camera is on the blink and totally refuses to change flash settings, it also has a ‘helpful’ face finding auto focus tool which is great if you are trying to take quick snaps of your friends but if you put it in a room full of things that look like faces but aren’t quite it throws a complete wobbly and refuses to focus on anything, or focuses on one irrelevant object and totally ruins the photos.

It knows it’s getting binned as soon as I can afford a new one! >;-)

However, enough excuses…the pictures……


This artist (I didn’t have a chance to take down names 😦 ) put mobile devices with videos playing into their work…..


I think all these were by the same artist…they are incredibly detailed traditional embroidery and textile art…I am super impressed because given my incredibly slow attempts at tapestry I know how difficult this is to do!


Someone left a costume from Game of Thrones lying about!


Totally amazing collage/shrine work….this is the bit that really made me think of Rookie!


various objects….so many rhinestones! 🙂


an example of my camera playing up, it decided to focus on the lamp behind, which is a lovely lamp, but not the point!


lots of plastic people!


this is the best idea ever!

Fun things to do with Barbies. 🙂


This reminded me of Grayson Perry for some reason….actually if you like Grayson Perry this is a good exhibition for you.

Anyway…I could post photographs for ever and totally ruin the exhibition for everyone else….so go and see it!

Actually with a functional camera its also an excellent place to to take photos, so many cool angles!

I have come home all inspired and am going to dig out a fascinator made out of a dolls head I never got round to finishing a few years ago..and I may start adding too many rhinestones and pompoms to clothes I make for a bit.



finished the top of doom!

Wow, ok, this one has taken me the best part of two months then! :-S

To be fair, in the middle I got ill for a week, Jon got ill for a week and had a weeks holiday off work, so that was 3 weeks nothing could happen in, but its been soooo slow!

So I started out with this……Image


Its a long sleeved t-shirt/cutsew from h&m, once upon a time it was black not grey and did not have holes in it, but I reckon that time was about 2004/5 ….around the same time as the famous h&m jsk happened if anyone reading this is an oldschool loli.

And it was utterly my favourite jersey top ever, and I have literally worn it to death, so I decided to take it apart and make a new one.

Which should have been relatively simple, except I have been a little more under the weather than normal lately, and I figured out fairly early on that remaking a top you really need a clear head for, and then there was the unpicking….using a seam ripper on overlocked thread is virtually impossible! And in some places there were layers and there was construction to work out, so it wasn’t just possible to go at it with a pair of scissors.



This is one of the sleeves with construction scribbles all over it.

Once I’d finally cut the thing up I drew round it for the pattern onto dot and cross pattern paper, and then made the top as normal. Apart from a hiccup towards the end where I sewed the cuffs on backwards, which was down to tiredness, not the pattern, it went like a dream. It was especially good because I didn’t have a clue in some places how the construction was going to work. I’d cut the pieces out, I knew they went next to each other in what order, but I really couldn’t be sure from looking at the pattern pieces that it was all going to add up. But it did! 🙂

This is the finished item laid out on the table….



The jersey I used was a really slippy cheap one I got off Goldhawke Road, but it is really soft and not bad quality. Instead of eyelet lace in the original (my only gripe with it, the stuff was a right pain to iron) I used venice lace, but it is cheap venice lace of etsy, so it is quite stiff and not amazing quality.I am reserving judgement as to whether to use it again until it has been through the wash. There is no way I was going to shell out £4 a meter+ for something that is essentially a wearable muslin though. The buttons were off Lewisham market.

Me in the top….





The skirt is one I made a long time ago.

And the boobie shot..or a close-up of the lace and buttons as its also known!



i am intending on making another one in the next couple of weeks.

In other news…I have put on a bit of weight again 😦 once again it is medical, and finally the doctor has got a sensible plan for dealing with it. This involves medication that i can’t be put on whilst i’m as fat as I am, so i have to loose about 10kg first :-S So as my ME has been a bit better lately I have started doing zumba a couple of times a week and hopefully that and starving myself will work quickly enough that I take off the weight needed before the next flare up happens and I put it all back on!

I also took this photo (and then doctored it heavily with various apps) that Jons band ended up using on the back of their flyer….



It is of the water on the Regents Canal.