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I am really tired and ill at the moment, which is mostly my fault for attempting zumba,but also my mental health is playing up as well, so this post will hopefully be short and picture intensive.

So I went to an amazing Halloween party on Saturday and made my own costume.

I went as a Chaos butterfly (basically a gothic style butterfly with a massive chaos symbol on my forehead), one of those things that flaps their wings somewhere small and local and causes a hurricane halfway across the world, so yeah, I’m sorry…Sandy, it was all my fault!

Didn’t get many good pictures as it was probably the coldest day of the year and butterfly wings and antenae don’t go very well underneath a coat, so I didn’t take any of the full outfit before I started, only in the club..

I think I look cool! 🙂

The nice thing about this outfit is the wings and dress can be worn separately….


They are leopard print! And so will come in horrendously useful if I go to another Manic Street Preachers gig, I may take the evil mummified skulls from poundland off them though! I used the sort of grey plastic coated electrical cable that goes in walls behind plug sockets to give the wings shape. It works excellently actually, it is just the right amount of flexible, yet holds its shape really well, and because its plastic coated it doesn’t rub its way through the wings. The black thing at the top is a load of feathers (doesn’t show amazingly in photo) and the majority of the black lace is for tying it on.

The dress….

I am actually so proud of this dress. Its made from snake/moth print fabric I got off the market and I used Simplicity 1801 , a Cynthia Rowley number, supposedly  designed for woven and silky type fabrics, but I cut it the size down from my usual simplicity pattern size (which is already 2 sizes down from where the measurements say I should be) left out the side zipper and ignored any suggestions about using interfacing. I still had to take it in considerably on the chest area.

But it looks really pretty and respectable when its not part of a chaos butterfly costume, which is great, cuz normally my halloween costumes languish in the back of my wardrobe and only come out once or twice a year for appropriate themed parties, but this one I can wear all year round.

Entire thing took 3 days to buy the bits and make, which is possibly why I’m not so well this week, but a real achievement for me!