How I actually wear things…

Haven’t posted for a while, usual excuse been ill and stuff (really not having much joy with my health this year 😦 ) also the whole thing with having a blog which is mainly about sewing is you actually have to make things to post about them, which can be annoyingly difficult to get round to at times!

However, looking back at this blog, I’m completely aware I often take really crappy unflattering pictures of the stuff I make. This is partly because we don’t really have room in our flat for a nice well lit picture area, and also because to take pictures I’m usually dependent on Jon or family members, and although Jon’s photography is massively improving he still does have quite a low boredom threshold for taking snaps especially when we are drinking and dressing up before going out for the night.

I also find that on assessing the pictures I put on here I decided theres something needs tweaking with the clothes I’ve made and I end up adjusting them afterwards.

So firstly my Strawberry dress I made just before Christmas. Not only did I photograph this at my Mums just after her Coffee Morning Xmas Lunch, but there was something slightly off about it that was totally nagging at me. Luckily one of my friends posted when I linked this post to my old livejournal (everything interesting on there is long since privated I’m afraid!) and suggested the issue might be the hem was the wrong length. So I took a look at one of my favourite dresses, that I know completely suits me and yes, the hem on the Strawberries one was two inches longer. So I took it up…..

And took some more photos at home when I was dressed a bit more like me!



Its amazing how two inches makes a hell of a difference. Now I’ve sorted that out I love this dress, I wear it all the time. I’m actually planning two more from the same pattern at some point.

The little devil horns come from Kreepsville 666 and are totally awesome, they are my favourite hair accessories at the moment.

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