Finally the overlocker….

So after several weeks of being ill I was rather well on Friday and finally got round to sewing up one of the t-shirts I cut out weeks ago.

I bought this fabric about the first time I found the amazing fabric stall on the market. Basically I was so overwhelmed by the availability of cheap jersey I bought everything vaguely decent looking without much thought, got it home and regretted it immediately.

It has ladybirds on it, and I for some reason thought it looked a bit cheap and twee….


So I decided to use it for practice pieces. However once I’d ironed it and cut it out, I suddenly realised its a lot cooler than I thought, from a distance the ladybirds don’t look cute and ladybird like they just look like random insects, and that kind of skin coloured light pink is actually one of my favourite colours for clothes…


So onto the top, it took me just under 3 hours to sew, but nearly an hour of that was swearing at the overlocker. Once I’d worked out how to set it up I found the overlocker quite easy to  use, the only problem is it goes very very fast and does not seem to have a slow down if I only press the pedal half way thing going on like my sewing machine does.

Next time I make one I need to adjust the thread tension, it wasn’t quite right. But it will do nicely for a first attempt.


Usual yuk don’t look at my arms disclaimer, we went out later and I put a chiffon blouse on over the top!

Next on the list of learning to use the overlocker jersey sewing is a 3/4 length sleeve version of this. 🙂

One thought on “Finally the overlocker….

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