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still trying to get a good dragon outfit

My latest attempt to get a good co-ordinate going with my dragon jsk…..Image



I think this is a lot better than last time…I went through my accessories collection and jewellery box and found things. However I’m still not sold about the shrug, I’m desperately in need of a nice black or navy blouse to go with this. Its not that i’m not good enough to make one, but blouses are fiddley creatures and I’d rather go with a shop bought one. Of course in plus size its just not going to happen though!

Love having plus sized galaxy tights though! 🙂

dragon dress again, new fabric and a caged Skeksi!

Finally six months later I have managed to get a good picture of me in my dragon lolita dress  that I made for doing Daenerys Targaryen Lolita cosplay at the Scifi weekend.  Unfortunately though I had fun, and though the wig I bought was actually reasonable quality, it did not suit my skin tone at all, also everyone was drinking and playing guitar and getting flattering pictures for my blog wasn’t a high priority (to be fair not really for me either) so the pictures I have are absolutely terrible.

To add insult to injury I’d actually been out the week before with a friend wearing the co-ord without the wig and a professional photographer had taken pictures of me that were unbelievably amazing, but they had all kinds of ‘Do not reproduce….ever’ signs up on their website, so I can’t share them on here 😦

These ones were taken by Jon when we were out in Shoreditch last week, so they will do nicely I suppose!



Hairbow and JSK by me (fabric by Alexander Henry)

Blouse by New Look

Petticoat by Bodyline

Generic black tights and Clarkes shoes.

I am in desperate need of more accessories to go with this outfit. I have the stuffed dragon handbag, but it wasn’t suitable for what I was doing that day. Particularly a cute necklace.

Since I made the dress in January the cost of the Alexander Henry Dragons fabric I used seems to have more than doubled on etsy. (the one I have linked to may look reasonable, but omg have you seen the price of their international shipping!) part of me is relieved I made it when I did, part of me is sad as a friend asked me to make one for them, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get the fabric cheap enough to again!


I have been working on a dress I’ve nearly finished but have been slightly scuppered by illness this week. grrrr!

The fabric stall is also back on Lewisham Market 😀 and she had new stock in, so I may have gone a bit nuts…



I actually know what I am intending to do with all of it, but it will have to wait a while as I have stuff to keep me busy for the next several months!

Also last weekend, we went shopping in East Dulwich and found a birdcage in a charity shop. it is just the right size for making a top hat out of, but Jon for some reason has vetoed that (may have something to do with my vast collection of hats already that I hardly ever wear), I really want to stuff it with fairies or goblins or poisonous looking silk flowers or something, but I don’t currently own anything suitable, so it has been put to good use containing our Skeksi model Chancellor for the moment…..


Doesn’t he look cute! 🙂

finally finished overlocking


Last garment in my Learn To Use The Overlocker project……

Simplicity 7550 from the 1970’s as modelled by Jon.

I learnt a lot from making this…

For a start not to use an overlocker on tight curves or anything where you have to ease one fabric to fit the other.

Secondly I think the patterns idea of how to do a neckline is pretty mental and the instructions don’t make any sense whatsoever. However having made it once and had a good scrutinise at the image on the front, I’m going to have a go a different way next time.

Apart from the utterly failed neckline I quite like this pattern though. It really suits Jon and it has variations so I can use contrast fabrics and different shaped sleeves with it.

The whole jersey sewing thing has also served its purpose in that I am confident enough that I can use the overlocker now without making any expensive mistakes, and so am about to give it a go on my next project, a remake of the unicorn dress using a floral fabric (with bonus tiny skulls and cobwebs) that should make a version suitable for picnics and weddings and other family events.

I’m only intending to use the overlocker for 4 straight seams on it, but still….

I’ve already cut the fabric out, so busy, busy, busy 🙂