finally finished overlocking


Last garment in my Learn To Use The Overlocker project……

Simplicity 7550 from the 1970’s as modelled by Jon.

I learnt a lot from making this…

For a start not to use an overlocker on tight curves or anything where you have to ease one fabric to fit the other.

Secondly I think the patterns idea of how to do a neckline is pretty mental and the instructions don’t make any sense whatsoever. However having made it once and had a good scrutinise at the image on the front, I’m going to have a go a different way next time.

Apart from the utterly failed neckline I quite like this pattern though. It really suits Jon and it has variations so I can use contrast fabrics and different shaped sleeves with it.

The whole jersey sewing thing has also served its purpose in that I am confident enough that I can use the overlocker now without making any expensive mistakes, and so am about to give it a go on my next project, a remake of the unicorn dress using a floral fabric (with bonus tiny skulls and cobwebs) that should make a version suitable for picnics and weddings and other family events.

I’m only intending to use the overlocker for 4 straight seams on it, but still….

I’ve already cut the fabric out, so busy, busy, busy 🙂

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