beautiful monsters – the ones that didn’t quite make it.

So I’ve actually been sewing quite a lot lately and am well behind in documenting what I’ve been doing.

A large reason for this is that two out of the last 3 things i have made were more or less disastrous and so i have had fairly little motivation to photograph them.

The first thing actually turned out competely wearable and is really beautiful, just not wearable by me I’m afraid! 😦


This was supposed to be the dress I was going to wear to my boyfriends cousins wedding. I had a little trouble during construction as the net on the petticoat slipped as I was sewing it and I had to unpick a load of it, but its really well made, really well finished and the same style/size as one I made a few months before when if anything I was a little heavier than when I planned this, so it should have been perfect.

However, two weeks before the wedding, the drugs company decided to ‘temporarily’ run out of the medication I’m on and I therefore had to switch from the syrup format I usually take to a lactose based tablet format. Apart from making me so tired that even two weeks later I had to leave the wedding early at 6.30pm as I was too tired to function properly, which is a side effect of messing around with my dose, I am completely allergic to lactose. This has given me loads of digestion problems and caused my stomach to swell and my waist measurement to increase by 4 inches pretty much overnight. 😦 ( I haven’t actually put on any kilograms at all with this, its all bloat)

As the dress is boned so was designed to fit very closely, this was bad enough, however to make matters worse, the fabrics I had used in this version (unlike the original unicorn version, which I haven’t actually tried on since this happened) Β have absolutely no stretch in them what so ever.

So it doesn’t do up by about an inch (inch and a half to be comfortable) round my waist. I will have to wait till november for it to be possible to try it again, as that is when they think they will have my medication back in stock at the earliest. 😦

The fabric is so pretty though…


It is from a range called Nightshade by a company called Tula Pink (See link to etsy here, their own website is crap!) and is technically quilting cotton, but in reality is really good quality for dressmaking.

I even finished the petticoat with this amazing lace I found on etsy….


It has little skulls and crossbones on it! isn’t it cute! πŸ™‚

So yeah, I am properly gutted this one doesn’t fit!

the next cock up was my first attempt at this pattern by Sewaholic…. I’ve been looking for a decent skater skirt pattern for ages, and I’ve seen very good results off other people on the internet, and actually despite what happened, I really like the pattern and have continued using it.

The entire fiasco was a major lesson in why one does mock-ups first, why I should not sew whilst tired and ill, and why if I get something wrong I should walk away for 15 minutes and have a cup of tea rather than try and fix it immediately and risk making the problem ten times worse by panicing.

Luckily I just used a thick black jersey off the two pound stall on the market, that I have plenty enough left of to make another attempt (indeed which is currently sitting in my sewing pile cut out.)

The problems started when i accidentally used the wrong weight of interfacing for the waist band, and continued when I didn’t really get the instructions in several places until after I had finished, used 3 different seam finishes as I folowed the instructions for the first seam, sewed a bit on backwards so needed a french seam, and then got bored and just overlocked things, which is not what you were supposed to do. I also ripped it as I was sewing which I had to fix, and failed utterly at topstitching the waistband on without catching pleats into the fabric, and god knows what happened with the zip, totally didn’t get the instructions till after I’d done it and so it just looked a state!

Anyway, heres a token photograph from a suitably far away distance you can’t see all the reasons its so awful…


Having made the unsuccessful first attempt, I am happy to say I have subsequently managed a version of this skirt that is pretty damn near perfect on my second go, however I haven’t photographed it yet as all my nice tops are in the wash so I’ve nothing to co-ordinate it with.

But I’ll have a picture of that next week. I have also cut out another version out of the black jersey, as I do actually need a black skater skirt, so it is actually a useful pattern. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “beautiful monsters – the ones that didn’t quite make it.

  1. Well the up side is the dress is really lovely! I love the fabric…especially that shade of green. It’s sort of an edgy shabby chic? I agree about the quilting fabric. It’s beautiful to sew with. Well done I say!

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