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entire winter wardrobe in a week!

For several months I’ve been going through a frustrating patch with sewing, making silly mistakes and taking ages over things, but suddenly in the last three weeks everything just seemed to come together.

It helps that I’ve made both these patterns several times before, but I’ve got the Renfrew Top down to two hours now and the Hollyburn Skirt to just under three, which means I can kinda churn them out. Its also an amazing help as because of my ME I can’t sew for more than three or so hours in one day so being able to make an entire garment in that time makes life considerably less frustrating than making half of something and then having to wait several days till I’m well enough to finish it.

So yeah, I made these three in a week and a half. (I then managed to catch the stomach ache thats going round so I haven’t touched my machine since!)


The skirt is a remake of the black skater skirt I buggered up a wearable mock-up of the other week. This time I knew what I was doing and it came out perfectly.

The first top is completely new and I think the fabric (off the market stall) has Campanula or Canterbury Bells on it, though my knowledge of flowers isn’t that great.

Here is a close up picture as it doesn’t photograph best in the world from far away…


I am so glad I’ve got round to making a top with this one as I really do love the fabric.

the second top is sort of a remake too….

About a year ago I found a version of the fabric with a mustard border at the fabric stall and made a top with it. Unfortunately as I was new to working with jersey I completely failed to realise that as the print direction ran across the fabric rather than up and down with the stretch, I needed to make it that bit bigger to be my normal size. The original version was written off as a learning experience and went to my Mum, whom it fits perfectly.

I was a bit sad as I really liked the fabric, but I thought nothing more of it, until a few weeks ago the fabric stall lady put out a load of clearance stock for a pound per meter and amongst it was the same fabric again, only with a blue border rather than a mustard one. So I snapped it up and this time I was really careful to prewash it and to cut it larger than normal. And it fits! I am so happy.

Heres two more pictures of the different outfits…..


I now have one more boring black everyday piece of clothing to make before I can start on some clubbing gear. I am massively short of stuff as I have totally become too fat for all my old outfits and as clubbing clothes are so expensive to buy (if you are into goth,steampunk and goblin themed nights) I am going to have to make some. As I haven’t tried to make anything spectacular for a couple of years, I’m really hoping my skill level has massively improved since last time round.

Unfortunately I’ve still got the remnants of the stomach germ, so not making anything for a few days I guess! 😦