Happy New Year

I thought I’d do a year recap and plans for next year, largely for my own benefit as I haven’t actually sat down and counted what I’ve managed to make yet…..

Stuff I made in 2013…

Captain Harlock plays guitarhumbug topsimplicity 3823 unicornsIMG_1641IMG_1905 (copy)IMG_1953IMG_2286IMG_2459IMG_2524IMG_2661IMG_2743IMG_2692IMG_3038


So thats 14 functional items (13 pictures as the black skirt in the last 3 was made by me as well) Of the ones made for me, I wear all of them regularly apart from the Nightshade dress that is still sadly slightly too small 😦 and the two ladybird tops I made to learn how to use my overlocker. The fabric for those is very thin and looks kinda cheap, and the overlocking is quite loopy and the short sleeved one really really doesn’t suit me. Jon has worn his cloak a few times to fancy dress parties, however the t-shirt was a bit of a disaster, not really his kind of thing and the neck isn’t great. Liz (apparently) wears her hoody as an extra layer around the house, though she wants to put a longer zip in it at some point, which is fair enough.

It doesn’t seem like an awful lot, only I got very much waylaid this year by learning to use the overlocker, three of the four failures, and one semi-failure come from that period, and my health really hasn’t been great, though I seem to largely be getting on top of that, so better luck for next year hopefully, even if I don’t sew much more at least what I sew can be less practising, more decent wardrobe items.

I’ve also very much ended up concentrating on basics for the last few months, a trend which is going to have to continue for at least a few weeks after New Year. This is largely because it is bluddy impossible to get nice basics for plus sizes that don’t cost large amounts of money I don’t have and there were rather a lot of gaps in my wardrobe needing filling.

However, my list for next year does include a load more fun stuff i.e. alternative fashion rather than boring separates…..

What I would like to sew in 2014…

Black and white lined wool skirt (already cut out)

Black and red herringbone wool skirt

Dress for dark Grimm fairytale themed goth clubnight I am hoping to go to in March

Skirt for my friend C.

Top for my friend C. (she is an amazing knitter and has made me loads of stuff over the years, so now I am actually good enough to sew stuff for other people I really owe her one)

Red jersey top

Burgundy jersey top

Hot air balloon steampunk/lolita dress I meant to start last year, but ran out of time and warm winter clothing

Hello Kitty/Kiss dress (again I meant to start last year)

Tim Burton style ball dress for Haloween (this is way overambitious!)

Black and silver damask steampunk/lolita skirt

Red and black stripe steampunk/lolita skirt.

Thats 12 already which is only two less than this year, and given at least 3 of the projects will be super ambitious goth or lolita party outfits, that doesn’t leave me much room for anything else, which may prove a problem as I will probably need some wardrobe basics I haven’t thought of yet. Hopefully my health will be better enough I can squeeze a few more things in along the way.

This is also all based on the assumption that I resist the urge to cosplay for Loncon (London hosting world science fiction convention).

Anyway, I am off to have a snooze in preparation for doing stuff tonight πŸ™‚

Happy New Year Everybody! πŸ™‚

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