Hidcote Gardens and the Scarecrows.

Absolutely dismal weather today.  Hoping the rumbles of thunder in the background don’t mean the power will go down in the middle of writing this. Anyway. I have been away for rather a long time. This is because not only did our bathroom remodelling take about twice as long as we had anticipated, in the chaos of packing things away for safekeeping I lost my camera cable and have only just found it again. (It is just as well we did pack everything away as the mess the builders left is phenomenal and we’ve literally had to deep clean the entire flat as a result, and still not finished!)

So I spent the first 2 weeks of the building staying with my parents near Chipping Campden in Glocestershire. It was awesome to be there and be looked after and not have to cook and stuff, but a little bit lonely as I don’t really know anyone up there (Even though I went to school in the area, I haven’t really kept in proper touch with anyone who stayed living locally.) and I don’t drive.

However it is absolutely beautiful countryside round there, and Jon came to stay over the Easter weekend (he spent entire rest of the time on a friends sofa bed so as to be near his work and near the flat so he could keep an eye on the builders) and we walked from my parents house up the hill to Hidcote Gardens, a really famous garden that happens to be about 2 miles away from where they live. And took loads of photos…..

About half these pictures are taken by Jon, the other half by me. 🙂


The countryside on the walk up the hill…

DSCN0456 (copy) DSCN0458 (copy) DSCN0460 (copy)



Pictures we took in the garden…. I am dressed like a right scruff bag as it was a spur of the moment decision to go up there, and the path at the bottom of the hill is often muddy (though it wasn’t that day) so sensible shoes are a really good idea. I would love to go again dressed up properly and do a photoshoot some time though.

DSCN0463 (copy) DSCN0469 (copy) DSCN0470 (copy) DSCN0482 (copy) DSCN0502 (copy) DSCN0508 (copy) DSCN0516 (copy) DSCN0521 (copy) DSCN0523 (copy) DSCN0533 (copy) DSCN0535 (copy) DSCN0542 (copy) DSCN0545 (copy) DSCN0547 (copy) DSCN0549 (copy) DSCN0583 (copy) DSCN0584 (copy) DSCN0588 (copy) DSCN0591 (copy) DSCN0593 (copy) DSCN0596 (copy) DSCN0599 (copy) DSCN0603 (copy) DSCN0606 (copy) DSCN0607 (copy) DSCN0608 (copy) DSCN0610 (copy) DSCN0630 (copy) DSCN0619 (copy) DSCN0636 (copy)


And then in the orchard we ran into a scarecrow competition…… normally I would find something like that quite creepy, but it was such beautiful weather and the light was all soft late spring afternoon, that actually it was really beautiful.

DSCN0628 (copy) DSCN0627 (copy) DSCN0626 (copy) DSCN0625 (copy) DSCN0623 (copy) DSCN0622 (copy) DSCN0616 (copy) DSCN0614 (copy)



Anyway. now I have my camera back, expect loads of catch up photos. More I took of pretty stuff at Mum and Dads and our awesome new bathroom. I don’t think I am going to be able to get my sewing machines back out till next week at the earliest though. However in the tidying up after the builders we have manages to free an extra shelf for my sewing patterns, so I am really happy! 🙂

Oh, the Goblin Kings Masquerade Ball was cancelled by the organisers, which was just as well really as we were staying on a friends sofa bed and I had no access to all my pretty stuff at the time, so that dress still isn’t sorted.  There is something similar in a couple of months I fancy going to, so it will probably get dragged out and finished for that then.



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