floral 40’s

Last week I finally finished the 40’s dress I have been supposed to be making as a ‘quick easy’ project. Er yeah! I have been seriously ill with various stuff (largely Chronic Fatigue, but also a cold and tendonitis in my foot) the past few weeks, and its got to the stage that I can only sew for about an hour a day before having to crawl back into bed. So this dress happened at roughly the pace of a snail.

Pattern (As used previously here, better pictures of finished dress here) is this one from 1940s……


Love this pattern to bits, my version is a 38″ bust and fits without any real alteration other than what I would do to a modern simplicity pattern (I’ve moved the zip to the back for easy access and I make the sleeves wider cuz my arms are fat).

It made up lovely…..

simplicity 4517 a simplicity 4517

It is not the most appropriate weather for a dress of this sort at the moment, ย so there is no way I was wearing such winter garments as tights and shoes. I am really pleased with it though. At first I thought it was a bit too floral, but its grown on me, and it is soooo comfy, its made of some kind of stuff that looks like brushed cotton (though given its from the fabric stall could be anything) and its just really soft and drapey to wear. I buggered up the back a bit because I was that desperate to get it done that I did not wait for Jon to come home from work and pin the zip for me, I just sewed it as it was, and then I needed to put massive darts in because it was far too blousey and big for me. It is mostly fixed now, but ideally I’d take the zip out and pin some excess fabric out of it, but thats unlikely to happen because I’m too ill and lazy at the moment and its as good as ready to wear would be, just not quite good enough!

simplicity 4517 close up

This is the top of the dress. I am so proud because I managed to get the point of the v-neck, the seam down the front of the bodice and the seam down the front of the skirt all to line up, which you can’t really see from photos because of the business of the pattern, but it looks awesome in real life.

Despite the weather I’ve tried to style it up a bit for photos, the necklace (and matching bracelet) is from Topshop in the sale years ago and the hair flower from H&M. I intend to Dolly Kei the crap out of this as it gets towards winter, I have a cute little black knitted waistcoat and a black long net petticoat I think would go brilliantly. Though any suggestions gratefully accepted.

And finally…….



The inside of the dress, and all the neat little overlocked lines. I am getting so good at making my insides tidy these days.

I am not entirely sure what to sew next though. I have the fabric ready for a Sewaholic Cambie, but I don’t have very much energy at the moment and would have to make a bodice mock-up (from experience Sewaholic patterns waist measurements are about 4 inches smaller than mine) I have the pages printed ready to assemble for a Kitschykoo Lady Skater Dress, but it’ll take a day of being really well to cut and assemble the pieces (hate pdf patterns) and I don’t really have any fabric thats jumping out at me wanting to be made into that one.

I’ve also got the fabric at hand to sew the tops I’m wanting to make for my friend and finally collected the appropriate lace trimmings to make red and burgundy versions of this top. I am so excited actually, I think I have finally found a source on the internet of reasonably cheap Japanese quality lace! ๐Ÿ™‚ About time too!

But I am really bored with making the same thing over and over again. I really want to be pushing myself and improving my sewing, though with my health as it is at the moment and maximum sewing sessions having shrunk from about 4hrs to about 1 1/2 I’m not sure how thats going to happen. Anyway, I think I’m going to ignore sewing for a week or so, heavens, theres enough housework I need to do, and see what inspiration takes my fancy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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