Liebster award thingy

So I’ve sat on this for about a week, largely because I’ve been away, and I’m far too tired to do a normal blog post today (holiday catching up with me) so I thought I’d tackle this instead….




This is a blog chain letter thingy that basically is suppose to help gain exposure for small blogs (i.e. those with less than 200 followers) or something.

Anyway, I was nominated by Maria who posts at, so thank you very much.

So basically, I have to give you 11 facts about myself and then answer 11 random questions, I then nominate a few people myself and then make up questions for them to answer….look away now if that doesn’t appeal to you! 🙂

Here goes then….

11 random facts about me

1)In the 80’s aged about 6 I had a turquoise shell suit, it was awesome.

2)My natural hair colour is sort of hot chocolate/dog turd brown, even my Mum doesn’t think it suits me

3)I think the idea that at some point during the 150 million years or so they were on the planet dinosaurs had some kind of civilisation is a very plausible one.

4)The first adult book I read was my Mums copy of Mill on the Floss she would leave out accidentally when she was pregnant with my little brother, I was 6, I found the ending really rather traumatic.

5)I actually really only got into the sewing thing in my late 20’s. My first garment was a medieval dress I made for a festival in 2007, but I didn’t really start sewing regularly until I moved to London in 2010.

6)I still can’t ride a bike or drive a car, I’m not too bad on horseback though.

7)When I was a teenager I massively wanted to be an actress, I did singing lessons, dancing lessons, individual drama lessons and weekend theatre school.

8)My first job was in a cheese shop

9)My first pets were stick insects, I was quite fond of them

10)When I was a very little girl I had a doll called Anne Boleyn whose head came off, I also had two rabbits called Louis and Marie Antoinette, this is what happens when your parents want you to pick up history at a very young age.

11)My total favourite food ever is probably Halloumi cheese, my dad used to bring it back from Cyprus when he worked there in the 80’s. I am moderately lactose intolerant though and Jon is completely allergic to it, otherwise I would live off the stuff.

And now to answer the 11 questions Maria set me….

1. What were you like when you were 16?

16 was a weird one for me, that was the age I got given an allowance and got to properly choose my own clothes, and I got a lot more exposure to popular culture than I was allowed when I was younger, it was the age I first dyed my hair, had the odd alcoholic drink, occasionally snogged boys and started going to parties. However I was still going to school in a fairly culturally backwards  town in the middle of nowhere so I think I was really quite unsophisticated compared to even a couple of years later when I moved to London. Teens until I was 18 really weren’t a good period

2. Do you have any films that you prefer over the book?

Les Miserable – now its a film that counts,Phantom of the Opera,Bram Stokers Dracula, probably I have to say Stardust, the book is a cute fairy story, but the film is amazing!

3. If you woke up the opposite sex for 24 hours, what would you do? Aside from the obvious…

That would depend if that automatically made me well or not? If I was well I would do all the diy jobs that jon doesn’t have time for and have been building up for ages. If I wasn’t well, try to avoid the mirror and have a fun explore of the new anatomy I suppose.

4. You have to eliminate one colour from the world. What would it be and why?

Vomit green, for a few years my mum kept trying to buy me clothes in that colour and I really don’t like it.

5. You have Picasso, Einstein and Anna Pavlova coming for dinner. What do you cook?

Well Anna Pavlova had a desert named after her, so thats that covered, as far as mains go,  Einstein was jewish, so avoid the pork and probably something chickeny and southern european, Chicken Cacciatore or Chicken and bean stew or something,

6. Are you left or right handed? Do you print or write joined-up?

I’m left handed and I write joined up

7. What was the first job you wanted to be when you were little?

I don’t remember when I was really little, but between about 10 and 12 I went through a phase of wanting to be a fashion designer, with hindsight I should have just stuck with that one!

8. What period of time would you most like to live in?

Actually I’d like to be about 15 to 25 years older than I am, I love living in the modern era, much before the 60’s with the illnesses I’ve had I’d be dead or locked up in a hospital somewhere, however, I feel I was really at the butt end of the social scenes I am interested in. for me now, youth culture as it was even until 4 or 5 years ago has largely died in London, forget about having somewhere decent to live, and to fit in socially, either at work or down the pub, you have to come over as so conventional, if you are actually quite arty its impossible to reveal your whole personality .

I’d have loved to be the right age to do punk and goth properly, safe in the knowledge that the scene would carry on going until I was at least in my late 30’s and then when I did decide to grow up, I could either use my scenester skills to walk into a creative job straight away or just get a normal job and no one would care less that I was a bit older and less conventional and still earn loads of money and afford a massive house. From the point of view of my actual illness situation, there was a welfare state then as well.

9. What superpower would you have, and what would your hero name be?

I’d want some kind of Jesus style cure all diseases/ilnesses thing. I’d call myself Docula.

10. You are queen of the world for a day. What 3 new laws would you implement?

The abolition of all tax havens, complete nuclear disarmament, international minimum and maximum wages

11. Can you tell the Kardashians apart? I can’t.

Sort of, they get smaller as they get younger I think.


So, now to nominate other blogs…..

this is actually where it gets difficult, the majority of my friends in real life who have blogs have somewhat sporadic personal blogs, and its not that I don’t want to nominate them, its just if they haven’t posted since March I don’t massively see the point (which is pretty much everyone!).

Also the blogs I don’t know in real life but follow tend to have more followers than me, cuz they are good blogs, and its a right arse going through my RSS feed and trying to work out who has less than 200 followers.

So I’m only nominating one person….. – a friend who does knitting and awesome historical reenactment stuff

But sending out a massive kick up the backside to all my friends to update their goddamn blogs!

And cuz I’m really feeling quite ill today, she can have the same questions Maria set me!

In normal service will be resumed shortly news…. I have cut out a top to sew but have been too tired the last two days to sew it up. I have also finished my first proper piece of knitting, but again with the ill, I haven’t got round to blocking it yet, so pictures when I manage.

Also last weekend we had a brilliant holiday in Chester where I found and did all sorts of cool stuff, so post about that coming up.

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