burgundy and knitwear – getting ready for autumn.

Have been really crap at taking photos of this lot in a timely fashion. Once again I was waiting to get round to dye my hair, but it always takes a good 2 weeks longer than I intend to get round to it (my appointment is on Friday) so I finally gave up this weekend and took pictures with monster roots.


Firstly, a top I have made many times before, pattern of my own design and previous versions to be found here, here and here.




The jersey is from Rolls and Rems in Lewisham, and although it seems good quality and I pre washed it no problem, as I was making it I found it doesn’t massively like a very hot iron, so this could be a bit of a problem.


Close up of the lace and buttons…..I think I’ve finally cracked getting hold of cheap good quality lace! 🙂 There is a seller on ebay from Hong Kong sells stuff that is actually comparable to Japanese quality but affordable, and everything they’ve sent me so far has been ace! The buttons are from a vintage stall in Greenwich.


So secondly…… heres finally my finished knitted shrug…..

IMG_3665 IMG_3658

This was made from a Debbie Bliss Riva yarn in Heather, and the pattern is from the Riva booklet. It is a kit I was given by Jon’s Mum and is my first attempt at making something that isn’t garter stitch, so I am quite pleased with myself. It took me ages though. Next thing I’m working on is a scarf and hat for winter.

The skirt in both photos is this one I made last year.

It is also the time of year the fabric stall lady gets all her autumn stock in, so I went on a trip down there last week…

IMG_3617 IMG_3616

The one that looks like granny carpet is a lovely soft jersey, as are the purple, cherry red and purple stripe pieces. The red floral one on the bottom is a knit that I’m going to use for a dress or cardigan, and the two floral ones at the top are crepe, so they will be summer dresses. I am quite pleased with that little lot.

My sewing at the moment is deeply boring actually, I’ve got a plain long sleeved top ready cut out in the same burgundy fabric, then I’m doing another one of those ruffle blouses in red followed by a red funnel neck top, followed by two jersey tops for a friend, and at some point during that lot an orange and black ruffle blouse for Halloween. Which is all really boring and I’m taking ages over it as my health as per usual isn’t great, so possibly I’ll be all done on that lot by xmas.

However by the end of the year I’ll have my basics wardrobe completely sorted, so I’ll be able to focus on fun frilly projects next year.

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