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Stripy purple dress and Babymetal \m/

I finished this dress on Monday last week, and wore it on Monday night to go to knitting group and then on Thursday to go out with some friends. However due to the miserable weather and nights drawing in, I didn’t manage to get any photographs of it, and so on Saturday morning it hit the washing pile and I was very concerned that it would get lost in the laundry and I wouldn’t see it again for two weeks, let alone take pictures of it.

However we put it in the first wash we did on Saturday, fished it out and hung it on the radiator, and due to the the dreadful weather meaning the radiator was actually on all day, but 5:00 in the evening it was actually dry!

Which was just as well really as I was rather short of ideas of what to wear for the Babymetal gig that evening. My plan was to wear Lolita, but one skirt was in the wash, I did’t want to wear any proper stuff due to the possibility of sticky drinks in a moshpit, it was that time of the month, so I didn’t want to wear anything too tight or again too expensive, and I just wasn’t really feeling it with the choices I had left.

So I decided to wear the new dress I’d made, being purple and black striped it had a spooky enough feel to be appropriate for the sort of band I was seeing, its really really comfy, and it meant it definitely would get pictures taken of it to post this week…..

So here are pictures, taken before the gig in the usual spot in our flat (it looks really shabby there to me, and although I love our yellow door, it isn’t the best for photos, but its the only place the light is even vaguely flattering that has a long enough run up to take full length photos, so it is having to do for now)

purple stripy skater dress purple skater dress

So I’m really proud of this one. The fabric is fairly fiberous bad quality jersey that was really stiff at first, but has softened up nicely after a couple of washes, so clearly isn’t as bad as I thought. But it was my first time matching stripes and I got it about 80% right, (and the 20% I got wrong I know what I did)….

matching stripes


So here is me looking like an idiot, but you can quite clearly see all the stripes match up perfectly down the seam under my arm, down the side of the bodice and down the skirt. It is pretty much the same on the other side too, apart from about 4 stripes at the bottom of the bodice. This is because when I sewed the back of the bodice onto the skirt I left a smaller hem on one side than I did on the other side and both sides of the front. Unfortunately I only worked out what the problem was a good hour or two after finishing the thing. However if I did it again, I would a) if experiencing problems with one seam/side, walk away and do the other side first, which helps see what the problem is b) walk away for an hour or two anyway just to see if my brain worked out what to do in that time (something I never do, but is really important) and c) if I couldn’t fix the problem, make sure the bit that was out is at the top of the bodice under the arm pit, not the bottom as that is less noticable. 80% right is not bad for a first try at stripes, and actually as it was involving things like stretchy jersey and elastic sewn into the seams and is a dress not just a top, it maybe wasn’t the most sensible pattern for a first attempt at stripe matching, oh well! ( it is this pattern I did this place before btw!)

So yeah, we went out to Babymetal, for the entire of the journey the weather was horrific, and due to the time of the gig we needed to eat in Brixton (where the gig was at) so we found a cafe, which was happily playing their album,  and had a sandwich and a glass of wine, and by the time we were finished the weather had cleared up.

The band were onstage at 8.15 so we, and pretty much the entire rest of the audience, decided to turn up at 7.30 so the queue was massive. But there was an amazingly good atmosphere and everyone chatted and popped into the little offie along the queue to buy drinks as we waited, its the most fun I’ve had in a gig queue for ages.

Then when we got in we braved the rugby scrum to buy me a t-shirt. Baby metal’s t-shirts are so cool, they are really elaborate and their team have put a load of effort into making them interesting, so many bands theres days just do a logo in really lame font. They were also £20, which was a nice surprise as Japanese bands merchandise can be eye waveringly expensive (Versailles, I’m looking at you here).

We ended up in the circle, not the pit, which hadn’t been made completely clear when I bought the tickets, but I was ok with that actually as we got a seat fairly near the front and actually I was quite tired so a seat was really helpful and we could see the band perfectly from where we were. Before the band came on they played a load of Sabbath and Maiden and stuff, and it was so cool to see the entire room singing along and head banging to “Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter” 🙂

There were a few girls I saw in lolita. Big shout out to the girl I met in the loos wearing a Baby dress, which made me doubly happy as she was a larger size girl and it was black and one of Babys more elaborate prints, and I had no idea their more elaborate or gothy dresses could fit larger sizes too, not just their more basic and pink ones. This may be bad though in the long run as it has given me ideas!

Yeah, and the show. It was awesome! Really polished and slick,they played pretty much everything I could think of from their album and a new song at the end. The band were really tech and wanked off loads soloing, the girls were such good dancers and running around all over the place. I find it hard to believe they are only 15/16 (specially as a load of people were going on about how they’d been into the band for 18 months/2 years…..someones telling porkies there) but it was a really good show, and there were pyrotechnics at the end! 🙂 I like pyrotechnics! 🙂

Also special commendation to my Muchacha Achachumu cat bag which survived the entire evening, including being heavily rained on for 20 minutes, without letting water in or the print running. So many times you hear stories of Japanese brand stuff running or not being washable or durable, but this bag took the worst  the British weather could throw at it and was fine. Very impressed!

Here it is hanging up safe and dry after its outing…..

muchacha achachumu


And here is me wearing my new Babymetal t-shirt the next day…..



The next project I have to make is a top for a friend, so although i may take a photo of it, I can’t show it on here till she’s got it, so unless something else random and cool happens in the meantime, it may be a couple of weeks at least till I post again.