gone missing


Just to let anyone reading this know I haven’t given up on the blog entirely.

Basically just after Christmas I decided to take up Swing Dancing. Now due to my Chronic Fatigue, although I do a lot of walking, I do not do a lot of high impact exercise as it tends to make me ill. However I had been doing Regency Dancing for 3 months (sadly ended due to the diabolical track works going on at London Bridge removing all the late night trains home) so I thought I’d give it a go, even though it is a lot more intensive. & to be honest for the first 2 months it was going well, I was feeling much fitter, when I was well dancing was one of my favourite things to do ever,  and was tentatively optimistic it was going to work out this time. But of course it didn’t. I overdid things one lesson and completely crashed my health as a result.

Therefore for the last 3 months I have been fighting extreme fatigue, interspersed with every single nasty germ going round the neighbourhood. I have two sewing projects cut out and ready to go just waiting for me to be well enough, and two knitting projects well underway.

As my main reason behind this blog is to keep tabs on stuff I make, and hopefully write informative reviews of patterns to help people making stuff of their own, I haven’t really had anything to post. I also haven’t really had anything else to post (cooking, charity shop hauls etc) as I’ve been too ill to do much and am not really up to posting long posts at the moment.

As soon as I am well things should progress very quickly as everything is ready for me to get on as soon as I can.

I am going to my boyfriends granddad’s cottage in Suffolk for a week starting Saturday, so hopefully fresh air and quiet and good food, and no one coughing on the busses will perk me up a bit.

But basically for anyone reading this (there are actual people these days, waves at people, its lovely to see you) I haven’t left for good, I’ll be back!

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