The ‘its not really me’ top

So I have been excited for absolutely ages for Jennifer Lauren Vintage bringing out her Bronte Top pattern as a paper pattern rather than a pdf. And its been on my to sew thing for a couple of months.

Now first thing was I wanted to use fabric I wasn’t highly attached to for this make, just incase it turned out weird. Which may have been a mistake with hindsight as I’m now feeling it hard to get attached to the finished object. I also decided to use scrap trim fabric that was already in my stash as I didn’t want to go out & buy a load of jersey specially for something that might not work.

So heres the outcome….


Now first thing I’ve got the neckline a bit high by overlapping the front piece too much towards the back., but thats something I’m aware of what to do to fix it if I make it again.

Secondly,  it rides up too much. I’m not sure if thats because its too small, though it fits everywhere else and I cut the correct size according to the pattern, or whether its too short. Its fine with a high waist skirt, but with a pair of normal jeans it means I have to pull it down every five minutes. But thats not a problem for the future also, it just means I have to frankenstein the bottom with my sewaholic renfrew top pattern which I know fits me fine round the waist. Maybe its because its a vintage style pattern? The only reason Im not running and crying ‘aargh, I’m too fat’ is because its exactly the problem I used to have with ready to wear tops in the early 00’s when they always rode up and fit badly, and then I was a size 8-10.

However my main problem with it is it just doesn’t feel like me somehow. 😦 Its a really nice top, lots of other people like the birdy pattern on it, and I know it suits me, but it doesn’t really feel like me. Too casual, too 70’s sportswear. Its the sort of thing I’d have loved 15 years ago but doesn’t quite feel like me now.Too young for me almost ( blimey I never thought I’d hear myself say that!) & I can’t really wear it with jeans, which is mega annoying.

Maybe if I remake it in some more Laura friendly fabric I’d love it, & I’m not going to write off the pattern entirely, but at the moment I’m parking it in hope I end up with more inspiration some time soon. I’m sad though, I was looking forwards to this pattern coming out for ages. but what works on someone else doesn’t always feel right on you. Hopefully it will grow on me! 🙂


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