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Easter animals

So ok, it’s taken me a terribly long time to post this, but I have actually been making quite a bit of stuff (just not posting about them)

But here are three little embroidered animal decorations I made a month or so ago out of a kit in Mollie Makes…..

The kit had the animals drawn in in black lines, so all the coloured bits are my embroidery and then I sewed up the edges and stuffed them.

The stuffing is quite random actually, I had no actual toy stuffing anywhere and couldn’t think where to get any in a hurry since our local branch of Smiths had closed. So I used the scraps from my overlocker and the scraps from cutting out the fabric round the embroideries. I think it’s worked rather well.

I am also quite proud of my embroidery, even though it is very simple. It is the first time I’ve embroidered anything since primary school!

I went to a rather old fashioned girls prep school for my last two years at primary school. We had a mint green 1930’s style uniform, wooden desks with lids to store our stuff in, & an embroidery teacher. She  was meant to be teaching art, but because the classrooms were small and didn’t have sinks in, she had to teach stuff that wouldn’t make a massive mess.

So we learnt sketching and watercolours, simple woodworking and lots and lots of sewing.

I made a sampler into a work basket lid, which I still have, though it lives in my parents attic & we did embroideries of a flower garden which were made into a needle case for my mum.

Looking back I am quite impressed that a ten year old made that kind of thing, but I was always aware mine was a bit scrappy. I wasn’t great at selecting colours, my best friend at the time had a mother who was a seamstress and was always that bit better than me, & I could never get the hang of satin stitch at all. 

After primary school I never really had the chance to try it again, so I walked away, not thinking I was complete shit at it exactly, but that embroidery was quite hard and probably wasn’t for me.

Recently though I’ve been seeing all the beautiful subversive and artistic modern stuff going round the Internet and have been looking for an easy way in to give it another go.

So trying it as an adult I found Satin Stitch a lot lot easier. & I found the whole process so relaxing! The finished products have gone to live with my mum as they match her kitchen decor perfectly.

I know it’s only a baby project, but I’m quite excited at the idea of trying something else, & am currently looking for a slightly more advanced kit that sparks my interest.

I have a couple of projects queued up that I haven’t got round to posting about yet, so my blog shouldn’t die entirely. But at the moment I have become totally unexpectedly ill  with my mental health issue and I’m currently recovering in the countryside so the only creative stuff likely to get done at the moment is my knitting. However that is progressing rather faster than normal, so hopefully I’ll still be making things, albeit not sewing for a while!