I started this blog a couple of years ago as Livejournal gradually sank back under the sea origionally as a sort of general blog replacement. I have always been into sewing, I’m into alternative fashion and those clothes are expensive (specially Goth/Steampunk stuff) and I’ve always had a thing for charity shopping, so making or adapting my own stuff happened anyway. However in 2010 I had a severe bout of mental illness, brought on as an allergic reaction to some fairly innocuous medication. In the aftermath of this I was prescribed mental health drugs that doubled my weight from a size 12 to size 18/20 in 6 months. They’ve taken me off them now, but it looks like the damage is permanent. At the same time, the illness has left me unable to work (coupled with an underlying Chronic Fatigue issue anyway) so suddenly I needed an entire new wardrobe with absolutely no budget. So I broke out my sewing machine! So yeah, this blog has mainly become about sewing and clothes and trying to acquire and look good in pretty alternative stuff when I’m rather on the large size.

It also includes bits about cooking, charity shopping, cultural stuff I’ve been to, and decorating, as the fancy hits me. Apart from about the shocking lack of clothes available for plus sized women, I’m not really trying to make a political statement about either illness or my weight with this, I’m far more interested in pretty frilly things! 🙂

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