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better late than never

So for the last week I’ve been ill, having ME this is a fairly frequent occurrence, but this time I had some kind of stomach bug as well, so far too sleepy and painful to post. All better now though.


The weekend before last I went to my friends birthday party in Hitchin, a small town in Hertfordshire where we used to live!

As well as a load of unusual wool (my friend is a knitter) and a bottle of booze, I made the birthday girl a cushion I’d been promising her for ages, and finally got round to making….

the back….

and the front…..

I found the fabric panels on etsy from an american seller last year, and thought they were so kitch I just had to buy them. There were three sets, one went to my boyfriends brothers girlfriend, one is staying with us (which I haven’t made up yet)  and one went to my friend whose birthday it was…

It is exactly the same size picture as an actual face, as demonstrated by my friend..

I had no idea actually how many people would be up for drunkenly snogging a picture of the president of the U.S.A 🙂

In other sewing news, I have made a massive mistake!

I bought this fabric from Ditto fabrics, an amazing shop in Brighton I’ve had many happy purchases from in the past. This time however I decided to buy something that wasn’t printed cotton online, massive mistake!

Looking at the picture on the website I assumed it was the sort of thermal stretch knit you use to make thermal undies or nightwear, the cut out pattern looks very small, and I assumed it was quite soft and would be perfect to make a set of thermal pyjamas. I adored the last pair I had, only I’ve never seen any in colours that aren’t pale pink or baby blue since, which is not really for me, and I don’t count as terribly practical.

So I was so excited to find this and make nightwear in colours I really liked. I bought 3 meters of the green and three meters of the burgundy colour way .

they arrived…. and immediately I realised the scale of the fabric was completely different from what it looked like in the picture…

It is a lot bigger pattern repeat than I was expecting, and the knit although stretchy is much looser and courser, a bit more like the sort of thing you make hippy tops from than thermals.

I washed it, and it hasn’t helped..it is far too course for next to your skin and I wouldn’t feel comfortable having such big holes on something I was naked underneath.

It is entirely my own fault. Ditto fabrics offers samples of their fabrics before you buy if you are buying online, and I have a free rail ticket that I could have used to go to Brighton in person and see if I liked it, and I did neither of these things.

It is very frustrating though, I have two three meter parcels of these knits and I have no idea what to do with them. I don’t want to make a hippy top (zigzagged exposed seams and contrasting colours) and I am rather fat so I’m not sure 3 meters will make any of my dress patterns. Because the fabric is so course it has rather a vintage feel to it.

So can anyone suggest what I might do? Or a pattern I might use?

I really want to put it to good use now I’ve bought it!