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Back to black

So I’ve had a bit of a gap from blogging as our house sale slowly creaks on becoming more of a headache every week that goes by but still inexplicably the chain not collapsing.

However here’s something I made back in September that’s a little bit hard to blog as it’s basically a plain black kischycoo patterns lady skater dress. Of which I have made several here , here and & here amongst several others.

This latest version is short sleeved and I’ve made the skirt a bit longer as fashions are changing and I’m getting older and so I added about 3 inches to the bottom of the pattern. Tbh if I was making it again I would probably make it an inch or two even longer. I’m really getting into longer skirts.

So here it is:

The jersey it’s made of is the same as this top. I got a job lot of ten meters from the market stall in Lewisham and it’s doing very well so far to update my basics with.

So the dress is a bit plain, but aren’t the tights awesome….

They have bits of skeleton and anatomical parts on them. They are from Violet Fane a Spanish lolita brand (who I can’t link to because my publisher doesn’t like Etsy links, but they are Violet Fane on Etsy) who have started to do really gorgeous patterned tights that actually fit me. It is one of those things thin people probably don’t realise actually. Standard tight sizes go up to about size 16 and if you fall above that getting patterned tights is virtually impossible. It massively sucks. Which is why I am so over the moon Violet Fane does these ones. Even so, I am a large size 20 and I am the largest they will take.

& here is a picture of the full outfit I was wearing….

I’ve had this striped Laura Ashley cardigan since the early 00’s, & it’s still going strong & the cat necklace is from Curiology.

Sadly I haven’t got much more wear out of the black dress as it’s really a middle of summer dress and by the time I made it the weather had turned, hence the big woolly cardigan. But I am looking forwards to it being a wardrobe staple next year.

Black velvet if you please.

I don’t normally sew on the weekend, our flat is rather small and I can’t really spread out when Jon is around. But on Saturday he was off on his brothers stag do (getting pissed) & I was rather at a loose end (not getting pissed) so I decided to be productive and actually got the entire dress I had cut out sewn up in a day.

So…its a pattern I’ve used before. Kitschycoo Lady Skater dress. ( my versions here, here & here)  I am getting slightly bored of it, but it was exactly what I wanted for this dress, and to be honest the 3 dresses I have already are always in and out the washing machine I find them so easy to wear.

The inspiration for this dress was seeing a picture of a friend of a friend in a burgundy velvet skater dress, idly googling to see if anyone had one in my size in burgundy or black & finding that although there are some absolutely gorgeous velvet dresses in the shops at the moment, I couldn’t find many at all in plus size, & non of those had taken account of the fact that if you make something bigger you need to lengthen the skirt too. Then I realised I had a fairly large piece of black stretch velvet in my stash, it did’t disintegrate in the washing machine, so it was a better idea to make my own.

So here it is….

IMG_0284 IMG_0279 IMG_0281 IMG_0278

Sewed up like a dream, no mistakes as far as I’m aware, & I’m really proud of it. With hindsight I would have lengthened the skirt by an inch or two, even though it is longer than a lot of plus sized offerings on the internet, as being velvet it rides up a bit. But as Jon says, it is fine for partying, which  as the moment I took my coat off in the pub yesterday whilst wearing it, my friends were all like ‘Goth!’ is probably going to be its main use. I’m also not entirely sure how happy stretch velvet is with going through the washing machine repeatedly, so I’m definitely saving this for special occasions.

Next sewing project is my xmas lolita dress. I bought the fabric last year but ran out of time, & I have, after several months of searching, found decent quality lace in the colour I wanted to go with it. I was planning on being adventurous and trying to replicate something in an Otome no Sewing book, however I think I’m just going to use my usual pattern as its quite expensive fabric and I don’t have as much time as I intended this year either.

I have also bought some mainstream clothes! Winging their way across the postal network are a Simply B witchy black crochet maxi dress, & two pairs of jeans (one with flairs). There were several other things on various plus size sites I could have bought also. Got to say it is so nice to just look online for a particular type of clothing & be like “ooh, theres choice in my size & some of this I actually like” I’d say its going to end up expensive, except we have been keeping tabs on money for the last couple of months, & actually my sewing habit is quite expensive when you add together all the patterns and fabric I buy. I have an entire wardrobe full of fabric I haven’t used yet & my lace shelf is now massively overcrowded. One of my themes for the first half of next year is going to be using stuff I already own.

Also my wig and witches hat from My Lolita Dress arrived a few days ago (literally the next posting day after Halloween, which was slightly irritating). So I might do some reviews of stuff or something.


Black dress of doom!

So I had this dress cut out and ready to go, but hadn’t got round to making it yet. Then I (on somewhat of a whim) bought Versailles Rose Bouquet by Baby the Stars Shine Bright (a lolita dress for those for whom that was just gobbledegook) off a nice lady off the internet.

It arrived, but is considerably too small round the tits (not often I get to say that 🙂  )

I sulked, and then decided I wanted a new dress that day regardless, so I was going to have to finish the dress I was making. So I did!

tilly & the buttons coco

Anyway……this is a Tilly & the Buttons Coco dress, and I’ve got to say, it is one of the easiest things I’ve ever made! Super simple to put together, in fact a bit too simple as I got my overlocker out and overlocked a load of stuff that was supposed to just be single row zigzag stitch. The fabric I chose (more about that in a minute) frayed like anything so i’m not sure how long a single row of zigzag will hold in the places I left it in, but we’ll see.

tilly & buttons coco part 3 tilly & the buttons coco and tree black tilly & buttons coco

Pictures all taken down our allotment btw! Yep, we have an allotment, well Jon does, I tried to do some light digging with a long handled trowel and set off the ME for two days, so its very much his project.

I wasn’t sure before I made this dress how it would work on me, I used to wear loads of 60’s style A line dresses when I was thinner, but I’ve been a bit wary of them since I’ve put on weight (not that getting hold of any commercial ones has been easily possible anyway) and I’m not a fan of high necklines much. but I really like it, it fits ok and it is really not bad from a flattering point of view. I may well make some more for winter as it is a really useful cold weather dress….

In better quality knit fabric!….

So I was drawn to this fabric because of the cool triangular quilted decoration on it that I thought looked really high end and 90’s revival…


(close up of dress and fabric pattern)

It washed and ironed all right (except I ironed it on the back which at the time I didn’t realise was important) and although it slipped around a bit as I sewed and was slightly prone to fraying it seemed fine.

Then the collar wouldn’t go down the way it was supposed to no matter what I did, so I decided to iron it, which was a very silly thing to do,as it turns out a hot iron on the right side of the fabric causes it to melt a bit. Luckily as it is black and I took the iron off quick enough you can’t really see it, but I know its there 😦

Then I tried it on, & I’ve got to say this is the least breathable, sweatiest fabric I’ve ever tried. I’m sure it’ll be fine in the middle of winter, but the rest of the time its far too hot.

I suppose that is the risk from buying stuff off the market stall, if you are buying lengths of unidentified fabric for £2.50 a meter you occasionally get something a little weird.

I like the dress pattern enough though to be considering buying some decent quality sweatshirting to make another version.

I am off to a wedding this weekend, so no sewing much for the rest of the week, however I have just prewashed a length of stretch black velvet to make a skater dress with. (I’m so 90’s!) So far it has reacted well to the washing machine, which is good, & doesn’t look like it will need flattening in any way, which is even better. 🙂