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Halloween witch

So I was going to do this as one post but I am having to post from my phone at the moment as our computer is (hopefully temporarily) out of action. So I got 3/4 of the way through a monster post and the app crashed, & unlike the desktop site, the WordPress app doesn’t save as it goes along 😡

So here is part one:what I wore for Halloween. (Part 2, how I made the dress, will be coming later) 

So, decided to keep it simple and be a witch this year. Hat from My Lolita Dress, a Chinese taobao reseller site, it was supposed to be for Halloween last year, but ended up arriving the day after 😢.My Lolita Dress are a very good reliable site, but if you need a custom order their timekeeping can be a little lacking.

The cloak was made by my friend Liz about 10 years ago. It is black velvet with a gold lining. After Halloween I ended up moving the clasp as it was a little too high up and a bit chokey. 

The dress was made by me. It was supposed to be for the Goblin Kings Ball, & actually miraculously I had it made in time, but that got cancelled so I’ve worn it for Halloween instead. 

The black and gold broach decoration is vintage and was a fiver off eBay.

As I said, post coming up about how I made the dress and a review of the pattern, but I am going away for a week so not working on any new projects till I get back. 

toned down Halloween

So this year for Halloween there was loads of stuff on in South East London, which is awesome because until a couple of years ago there was not really very much at all. So we decided to go to a gig at the Montague Arms an awesome venue/pub inbetween Peckham & New Cross. So someone from Jons work was going to be there, & younger cool people, & its Peckham so the dress code is kind of different from what I would normally wear for going out anyway (no one was going to appreciate ott victoriana goth)  so my theme this Halloween was Toning It Down.

Trying to concoct an outfit that looked like a person who dresses normally being spooky for the evening, rather than someone who sees an item of clothing and tries to work out where to add more lace, bows & skulls for everyday wear.

So I think it looks rather nice.

IMG_4711 IMG_4717

I found the sweater in a charity shop and added the appliqué of a castle myself out of the same sweatshirting I used for my last project. It took about 45 minutes in total. The sweater has big black bows down the back of it that were part of the original design also, so not totally plain. The skirt is this one I made a couple of years ago, it is still holding up well.

IMG_4720 IMG_4723

My makeup is one coat of Illamasqua white foundation, a few rhinestones stuck on with eyelash glue, and this stuff (round my eyes) called Face Lace. I am actually a bit of a convert. I was out shopping with my Mum on Wednesday and I walked past, and therefore into Screen Face in Covent Garden, and saw this and had to have it, Face Lace is basically a sticker decal you stick on your face to look like what goths used to do with eyeliner, except this is far far easier and gives a much smoother look.

Everyone at the gig thought it was really cool, & kept asking me what it was and stuff, & I am definitely going to buy some more for the future. Schemes. :->

Actually the gig was awesome, we missed the first band cuz the bus driver was being a pillock, but there was a Buffy themed band singing songs about stuff that happened in Buffy, a riot girl band singing really squeaky screamy stuff that sounded like Le Tigre (always a plus) and a straightforward rock group, who were really tight & had really catchy tunes.

& 90′ & 00’s cheese dj. OMG 90’s & 00’s cheese, I have missed you. As most of the crowd was people in their early 20’s who must have been 8 or so when this stuff all came out, it ran more like an 80’s night when I was a student than some middle age man doing wedding disco stuff. & it was wonderful, actually made myself throw up I was moshing so hard to the Buffy theme tune. Tried semi successfully to remember the dance routine to Tragedy, & screamed along to Evanescence, Britney & Bwitched. So much fun.

They put a regular dj night on. I might have to get this whole dressing like a normal/fashionable person thing nailed.

Seriously though, it might sound like Im being supercilious, but I’ve been aware my wardrobe has become a bit dated and a bit detached from everyday stuff I get to do for a few months, I’m actually glad of the opportunity to sort it out. Theres no point in having a wardrobe full of old fashioned goth and frilly lolita if I’m never going to have the opportunity to wear it. & I really like modern Strega and pastel and nu goth styles, & its getting easier to buy suitable pieces in plus sizes on the high street, & I’m actually really proud of what I did to that jumper, even if it was super easy. I’m actually quite looking forward to having stuff that looks a bit more fashionable.

OMG though, fashion revelation of the month though. Remember in 2005 when all those victoriana, high necked tea dresses in creams and pinks were in fashion? A load of the younger girls were wearing that stuff again in a clearly picked up from a charity shop kind of way. Obviously I take note of the “If you were old enough to do something the first time around….don’t go there”rule, and actually I think this is the first time it has properly applied to me as the whole grunge thing I was about 12 when it happened and not allowed to choose my own clothes 😦 so I wasn’t really there for, but at my parents I have a whole attic full of mid 00’s victoriana tea dresses that don’t fit me anymore that probably I should dispose of. It would look a bit anachronistic if I lost weight and tried to wear it again. On a 21 year old however it looks cool as anything.

Anyway, next part in the plan for updating my wardrobe is the black velvet skater dress, which I really ought to get on with. Hopefully tomorrow. Or something :-S




I am really tired and ill at the moment, which is mostly my fault for attempting zumba,but also my mental health is playing up as well, so this post will hopefully be short and picture intensive.

So I went to an amazing Halloween party on Saturday and made my own costume.

I went as a Chaos butterfly (basically a gothic style butterfly with a massive chaos symbol on my forehead), one of those things that flaps their wings somewhere small and local and causes a hurricane halfway across the world, so yeah, I’m sorry…Sandy, it was all my fault!

Didn’t get many good pictures as it was probably the coldest day of the year and butterfly wings and antenae don’t go very well underneath a coat, so I didn’t take any of the full outfit before I started, only in the club..

I think I look cool! 🙂

The nice thing about this outfit is the wings and dress can be worn separately….


They are leopard print! And so will come in horrendously useful if I go to another Manic Street Preachers gig, I may take the evil mummified skulls from poundland off them though! I used the sort of grey plastic coated electrical cable that goes in walls behind plug sockets to give the wings shape. It works excellently actually, it is just the right amount of flexible, yet holds its shape really well, and because its plastic coated it doesn’t rub its way through the wings. The black thing at the top is a load of feathers (doesn’t show amazingly in photo) and the majority of the black lace is for tying it on.

The dress….

I am actually so proud of this dress. Its made from snake/moth print fabric I got off the market and I used Simplicity 1801 , a Cynthia Rowley number, supposedly  designed for woven and silky type fabrics, but I cut it the size down from my usual simplicity pattern size (which is already 2 sizes down from where the measurements say I should be) left out the side zipper and ignored any suggestions about using interfacing. I still had to take it in considerably on the chest area.

But it looks really pretty and respectable when its not part of a chaos butterfly costume, which is great, cuz normally my halloween costumes languish in the back of my wardrobe and only come out once or twice a year for appropriate themed parties, but this one I can wear all year round.

Entire thing took 3 days to buy the bits and make, which is possibly why I’m not so well this week, but a real achievement for me!


Had an interesting weekend, realistically we weren’t going to manage 5 nights out in 5 days, but we approached the weekend intending to give it our complete best shot……and then failed miserably!

Thursday started well, i met up with my mum at the british museum and went to see the Grayson Perry exhibition. It was really really awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of his stuff before, so I was really quite surprised at how good it was. I’d heard so many dismissive things in the press, but it was really cool and funny and very good in a folk art kind of way. The premise of the exhibition really worked.. presenting his own work along side a load of accidentally cool or kitch stuff from history. I ended up buying the guide book in fact cuz I thought it was that interesting.
I haven’t seriously done art for years, well, I went through a phase when we were living in camberwell, but we had amazing views from the back roof terrace that were just asking to be drawn, but I haven’t actually done art projects properly since we lived in Holloway which was a good 7 years ago now 😦 but I’m intending to start at some point, as we’ve asked for a masonry drill for christmas, so we might finally be able to get stuff up on the walls.Anyways…Grayson Perry exhibition catalogue = massive inspiration. My taste in art as a teenager was pretty much the same as it is now, except that my parents hated modern art and all I’d ever seen really was renaissance and victorian stuff, so all my art books are of those periods. I need a few more that are slightly more modern. I know theres the internet etc, but you can’t print stuff out properly from there, and sometimes you just need printed out stuff.

Anyways…we were contemplating whether to go to Mels gig (Jons a sucker for anything with communist in the title) or Hawklords on Thursday night, but went to neither as Jon is having problems at work again. The kind where he says ‘I have too much work on’ fairly emphatically and repeatedly, and his bosses all suddenly look away in a shifty manner and do nothing what so ever about it. It was kind of the problem with the weekend in general actually, Jon just couldn’t relax because of it.

Friday night however, was a brilliant one. Earlier in the week I’d gone to Sainsburys and bought a bottle of Kracken Rum, which is a nice but fairly standard dark rum in a cool bottle with a picture of a massive giant squid on it. We proceeded to drink lots of it, and decided to go to the Rocky Horror themed dress up night at the Fox on a bit of a whim. Awesome music, all show tunes and 20’s to 50’s classics. Cheap booze, hung out with Gemma and Liz and ran into Mel who had acquired a bloke who wasn’t actually in costume, but was a complete ringer for Dr Manhatten, only in pink of course. Best costume was definitely a bloke who came as the human centipede, with a trail of blow up dolls attached to each other behind him.

Saturday, we got home at about 4am, and I spent the whole day sleeping  with a hangover and ME. I believe at some point Liz and Jon cleared off to go to St Pauls, and then came home and slept as well. Went over to Adam’s and Genny’s rather later than planned  to meet up to go to White Mischief, and got to the club as the doors opened at 9. It was immediately apparent that I wasn’t going to manage standing up till 1am when the Abney Park were on…tried sitting on the ledge at the back of the main room, but its soooo uncomfortable, and I have had stiff/bruised legs for two days afterwards (which is not like me). So we went home, just as everyone else turned up 😦 had a really good time while we were there mind, all the acts we saw were great, loved the proliferation of opera singers 🙂 and it was so much better than last year for not being totally overcrowded. If we do it again we will turn up much later in future, as I’m more fussed about the seeing friends and dancing to cool music later in the evening than the cabaret earlier. However it is the second time I’ve been to white mischief and I’ve been too ill, and the second time I’ve been too ill at an Abney Park gig, so I’m thinking possibly the combination is doomed.
Also bizarrely, Kings Cross is the hardest place to get home from in all of North/North east London …took two hours 😦

Sunday was irritating, I was disappointed from the night before, and all bouncy by about 6pm and wanted to do something, we had agree to stay over at Liz’s and go to David RP’S gig,as Liz lives down the road form the Nambucca, except Liz had a hangover and was too tired to come out, and Jon was stressing about work the next day, so we stayed in and watched Downton Abbey. 😦

However it was probably just as well we did as yesterday I woke up with the evil sore throat from hell and a very bad cold. Which meant, as Jon is still having continuing work problems (hence me being alone in the house to write this at nearly 8pm), we didn’t go to our friend Roach’s music video launch either.

I was supposed to be making the xmas cake this week…thats so not happening either! Oh well! I thought the rest of November was going to be reasonably quiet, but it really really isn’t, so I’ve got loads to look forwards to!