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The hipster hat

First make of the year, I’ve finished a hat to match the scarf I made just before xmas…..

IMG_3971IMG_3985  IMG_3976


Its the Bobeek pattern from Ravelry, done in Debbie Bliss Riva in Red (the purple red, apparently theres several different reds). I found it an easy pattern given I’ve never knitted a hat before, however everyone on Ravelry said it ran large, I wasn’t unduly worried as I have a large head, but if I made it again I would take 6 stitches (the repeat you need for the top part) out of it to make it slightly snugger.

I am very happy with it and it matches the scarf and both my winter coats perfectly, however I tried it on Jon for a laugh….



and it fits perfectly, looks amazing, and very very hipster! So I think I am going to have to make him one in a different colourway of Riva, or make myself something new and donate him that particular set. grrrr!

My regency dress is coming along nicely, it is not going to be ready for the exact party it was intended for, however I have had to have minor surgery on the top of my leg this week (nothing scary, just removing a skin tag) which means I won’t be able to dance this weekend anyway, so it doesn’t really matter and it is only a week behind schedule, I am relatively well at the moment, but for some reason sewing is tiring me out majorly, so I am only able to do about 2 hours a day, so everything is taking ages!

I am also having minor wardrobe dilemma in regards to what to sew next. Its really nice to just be able to sew on a whim again finally, but I still have to make up my mind about stuff and do things like prewash the fabric>


This evening I made a hat…..Image

It is a total rip off of this one from Angelic Pretty


which apparently is from last year.

I am really happy with my version,(though looking at the inspiration, mine might need more rhinestones) except I got the hat base from Barnett Lawson and they have changed the shape of their mini top hat block slightly or something , the one I bought before has a tilted crown that splayed out slightly at the top and was far more elegant, this one just goes up and down, which is not as pretty.

However on reflection I may have got my previous hat base from the Millinery Centre in Victoria instead, so I might have to go back there some time and check..which is a pain cuz there is absolutely nothing else in Victoria…I do think their hat bases are cheaper though, which is never a bad thing!

Anyway.close up of the hat….Image

It ended up with a Hello Kitty on it cuz that was genuinely the only appropriately sized toy I could find.  Whatever happened to tacky miniature teddy bears? I tried tescos and the pound shop and the slightly seedier rip off of Clinton Cards in Catford and Hamleys in central London and nothing, the world used to be crawling with them..has the mini teddy bear gone extinct?

Also today I put the clip on a bow I made ages ago to go with my Ghastlies print dress..


It does not look majorly impressive, but the struggle I have been through to try and find hair clip blanks has been truly epic! For about a year all the haberdashers have been out of them, and every time I asked  kept suggesting Superdrug would do them, which really they don’t. So I am totally glad one of them finally has them in again!

In other news, it would be nice if it stopped raining!