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Wardrobe of treasure.

Had lovely time on holiday, nice and quiet and spacious compared to London. 🙂

As I’d previously mentioned we had to start redecorating and arranging our flat pretty much out the blue because we had a bit of a mould problem.

We hadn’t intended to do anything this holiday, but staying in a two bedroom house with a livingroom that would swallow our entire flat and was beautifully decorated, made us very keen to get our place as nice as we possibly could when we got home.

So on sunday we tackled my fabric collection. When we moved here 3 years ago, my fabric stash was fairly minimal and Jon had a lot of very bulky band equipment, so my fabric lived in a chest, and then when that broke, our Ikea Expedit cube shelves in the living room and Jons band equipment was contained in a large wardrobe in our bedroom.

Over the years however, I’ve got more into sewing and my fabric has bred and multiplied and taken over the entire living room, whilst Jons band equipment has actually shrunk as more and more technologys gone digital and it no longer makes sense to keep massive bass amps lying around and stuff. Also I access my fabric frequently, but not all that often as I take what i need for a project at a time, whereas Jon does some kind of music practice or messing around with recording software on the computer pretty much every day.

So we decided to swap.

So I moved 8 Expedit cubes, plus one basket, plus a couple of bits rammed in in various places, of fabric into the wardrobe and Jon moved what turned out to be 2 Expedit cubes full of leads and pedals etc, and 3 guitars out.

We have not finished in the living room yet to post pictures of how much better it looks, but here is what the wardrobe looks like. I just about got everything in!


It is obviously bulging at the seams, but there is one glaring gap in my fabric collection at the moment, which is novelty cottons to make alternative dresses with. I think this is because they tend to be quite expensive, but it will be rectified 🙂