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humbug top

Surprisingly well after the scifi weekend, so I was able to get on with stuff this week.

Got the fabric for this from the lady on the market who sells high street store samples on for £2/£3 a meter.

I’ve Known exactly what i was going to do with it since I bought it, but its taken 5 months to get round to it.

humbug top


This is a remake of this top which I designed myself from an old h&m number, so it was good to see if the pattern I had drawn up worked when the knowledge from deconstructing the old one wasn’t so fresh in my mind. I’m pretty pleased with it. The lace needs sewing down I think as its refusing to stay flat (still need to find a reasonably priced source of better quality venice lace!) and I think the pattern needs tweaking round the yoke, though I’m not sure about that, the jersey turned out to be awfully slippy and awfully thin compared to what I’d hoped, so I have a feeling its slipped a little during sewing, which is why the edges look a bit bumpy on the close up of the yoke below.  That certainly isn’t how the patterns drawn.



The buttons were also from the market stall lady and are kind of like honeycomb and gorgeous.

Not entirely sure what to sew next. I am going away to Italy in summer and if I start on suitable sewing now I might get it done in time and not have to buy anything, however that involves buying new patterns and maybe even new fabric, and I have a load of stuff in a big queue and I’m skint and the weather is still awful (its snowing today) so I may start on something from that instead.

Need to do a load of cleaning the house first though 😦 so I suppose I’d better get on with it!