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tops, scarfs and neverending ilnesses.

Well the last 3 weeks have been pretty much a write off! I haven’t actually had any germ in particular, though that may be about to change as Jon is off work with the nastiest fever germ I’ve seen in a long time, but I’ve been knocked out with Chronic Fatigue and fighting things off for the last few weeks which has pretty much stopped my xmas sewing plans in their tracks.

However I have finally finished the top for my friend, which got sent off last week…

renfrew top for christine


Its just another basic sewaholic renfrew top, as I have made several before (here, here and here amongst many) and although my friend is really happy with it, making it has taught me there is no way on earth I can do commissions for a while yet. There were a couple of little imperfections my friend hasn’t noticed yet (so I’m not going to say where they are incase she reads this! (evil laugh!)) which are no big deal on something you make for yourself or even as a gift I suppose, but if I was to sell stuff I’m still not quite accurate enough. A large part of that is from my new sewing machine being a large amount faster than my old one though so hopefully I’ll improve the more I use it. However the complete lack of being able to stick to any kind of deadline (This top took me about 10 months from first getting the idea) is a massive issue I really can’t get round at the moment, so I’m just going to stick to sewing for myself.

Even then deadlines can be tricky though, I have had to abandon my idea for an xmas lolita dress till next year as I’ve just been too ill, and I set myself the goal of cutting out the fabric for my Regency dancing dress before xmas and have only managed half of that as I’ve been so unwell (and having Jon off work this week hasn’t helped!) I am very worried about that actually as I have to have it finished for the 25th january which ordinarily would be an easy goal, but with me being as ill as I’ve been I’m going to have to have a contingency plan I think!

One thing I have finished finally is my scarf…

hand knitted scarf2 hand knitted scarf

photos taken along the river walk between Catford and Sydenham, hat made by the friend who is getting the jersey top, coat from the mens section of TKMaxx, trousers from M&S, lighting courtesy of it being really pretty late afternoon this time of year!

Picture of the scarf upclose so you can see what the pattern and the colour is under normal lights…



It was made using Debbi Bliss Riva wool and a pattern from the same Riva pattern book my shrug came from.  Although I had knitted garter stitch scarves before, this was my first attempt at a proper one, and i must say I had no idea quite how long scarves actually are till I had to knit one. This is about the same height as me. Obviously it therefore took forever to knit. It looks really wobbly as it rolls up terribly even after I’ve blocked it, it is straight though and I have no idea how the hell they got them looking so flat in the pictures in the pattern booklet. However it is really really useful and I am in the middle of a matching hat, which I hope to have a good go at over xmas whilst I’m at my parents.

Anyway, as its only a week away, the chances of me posting anything before that are very slim, so everyone have an amazing Christmas! 🙂

burgundy and knitwear – getting ready for autumn.

Have been really crap at taking photos of this lot in a timely fashion. Once again I was waiting to get round to dye my hair, but it always takes a good 2 weeks longer than I intend to get round to it (my appointment is on Friday) so I finally gave up this weekend and took pictures with monster roots.


Firstly, a top I have made many times before, pattern of my own design and previous versions to be found here, here and here.




The jersey is from Rolls and Rems in Lewisham, and although it seems good quality and I pre washed it no problem, as I was making it I found it doesn’t massively like a very hot iron, so this could be a bit of a problem.


Close up of the lace and buttons…..I think I’ve finally cracked getting hold of cheap good quality lace! 🙂 There is a seller on ebay from Hong Kong sells stuff that is actually comparable to Japanese quality but affordable, and everything they’ve sent me so far has been ace! The buttons are from a vintage stall in Greenwich.


So secondly…… heres finally my finished knitted shrug…..

IMG_3665 IMG_3658

This was made from a Debbie Bliss Riva yarn in Heather, and the pattern is from the Riva booklet. It is a kit I was given by Jon’s Mum and is my first attempt at making something that isn’t garter stitch, so I am quite pleased with myself. It took me ages though. Next thing I’m working on is a scarf and hat for winter.

The skirt in both photos is this one I made last year.

It is also the time of year the fabric stall lady gets all her autumn stock in, so I went on a trip down there last week…

IMG_3617 IMG_3616

The one that looks like granny carpet is a lovely soft jersey, as are the purple, cherry red and purple stripe pieces. The red floral one on the bottom is a knit that I’m going to use for a dress or cardigan, and the two floral ones at the top are crepe, so they will be summer dresses. I am quite pleased with that little lot.

My sewing at the moment is deeply boring actually, I’ve got a plain long sleeved top ready cut out in the same burgundy fabric, then I’m doing another one of those ruffle blouses in red followed by a red funnel neck top, followed by two jersey tops for a friend, and at some point during that lot an orange and black ruffle blouse for Halloween. Which is all really boring and I’m taking ages over it as my health as per usual isn’t great, so possibly I’ll be all done on that lot by xmas.

However by the end of the year I’ll have my basics wardrobe completely sorted, so I’ll be able to focus on fun frilly projects next year.

Knitting and the Nightshade Knitting Bag

So I was thinking that this knitting course thing would be difficult but I’d have plenty of free time for both knitting and sewing and life would continue as normal. In the first week it was like that, but then life got difficult, as it does, and the knitting got difficult, I can stockinette without concentrating too hard, but when its stuff like ribbing and ribbing into cable, I actually need to have a bit of brain power to manage it. So sewing completely has gone by the wayside till I’ve finished, which luckily is tonight, where apparently we will be learning knitting in the round 🙂 and then we are set loose to get on with our own little projects! 

However I did have time to make a bag for my knitting…..



It is made of my leftover Tula Pink Nightshade fabric (they seem to have got a better website system since last time I tried to link to this) I used to make this dress that still doesn’t quite fit, though I haven’t tried it on for a month or three (grrrr!). The white lace, burgundy ribbon, cameo and rhinestones are from my stash, though the rhinestones originally came from Poundland 🙂 always check the kids craft section of there out if you go in, it has some wonderful stuff at times. It is a bit OTT and fairly Classic Lolita but I really like it, and when I finally fit into that darn dress it will match nicely.

More photos…..




Anyway, in other awesome news, beginning of next week I am going to London Edge, which is the major British alternative fashion trade fair, so all the big brands will be there and I get to see all their new lines, and buy stuff, and try not to buy too much stuff and take loads of pictures to post on here 🙂 so I’m really really excited.

I have also been pointed in the direction of a source of lace with spiders and skulls on, here… so I really need to get my skates on with some sewing! 

And joined Ravelry….. I am euphoricstimuli on Ravelry, so feel free to add me! 🙂