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Vanishing into thin air!

As the viewing stats for WordPress.com accounts are notoriously weird I have very little idea if anyone actually reads this thing apart from when I link to it on Facebook, but I think a few people do, so I thought it would be polite to say where I had disappeared to. I just noticed I haven’t posted for a month.

Basically I have been suffering rather badly from an interaction of ME/CFS and winter colds. I seem to be catching all of them, taking twice as long as everyone else to recover and suffering from ME/ post viral fatigue in between times So I haven’t done very much of note to post about.

For anyone that doesn’t know, ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a rather irritating illness that makes you tired, achey, and generally feel like you have a hangover the whole time when you haven’t been drinking. I have had it for 10 years now, and don’t work because of it. Not knowing in advance if I’m going to suddenly become tired also makes it impossible to volunteer. Hence the sewing, I occasionally have problems with trying to sew when I’m feeling too dopey, usually leading to sleeves on inside out, but it’s something I can pick up when I’m well enough and leave when I’m not without any kind of commitment issues. Although if I have to leave things too long in between planning and completion I can have stuff not fitting anymore issues! Has actually happened!

Anyway, as this seems to have morphed into primarily a sewing blog, (and I have plans when I’m a little less tired to sort out my profile, which it wrote before I had any clear idea to write about anything in particular,¬†so what this is actually about becomes a little more obvious, ) I have I fact done one piece of sewing, which I gave not been in a position to photograph yet

This is as I am currently at my parents house in Gloucestershire avoiding housework and shopping and cooking in the hope that not having to try to look after myself and distance from crowds of coughing people in London will give me the boost I need to get my health back on track. I have spent 5 of the last 6 weeks unwell and I’m rather concerned I will end up in the situation I was in last winter, when I had illnesses for the best part of 6 months with not enough time to recover in between and it was all rather miserable. I am determined it does not happen again this year.

Apart from sleeping rather more than I would like, I am actually having quite a nice time, and although I’m still massively post viral I don’t actually have any cold symptoms at the moment, so that is a good start.

Home at the end of next week, so normal service will be resumed.

Apologies if anyone gets this far for the lack of pretty photographs. Also any weird typos or formatting, wordpress is really not getting on well with my iPad.

Edited to to add, I do actually also have a couple of other illnesses, but neither of them are kicking up at the moment, and ¬†although I feel I have to explain stuff occasionally, I’d really rather this didn’t turn into a disability blog, so they are not really relevant at the moment.