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china lady, dr who,another ladybird top and vexatious overlockers!

A while ago I know, but last time I posted I mentioned the necklace and the ceramic bust of a woman I was massively regretting not picking up from the charity shops in Beckenham. So early last week I went down there, the necklace had gone, which is sad, but I can always find another one I guess, but the woman’s head was still there…..

It is a little smaller than I thought so only my teeny tiny hat will fit it, but it is settling in nicely on my mini hat shelf….


i thought that was it for charity shopping for a while, but our as I passed our local British Heart Foundation the other day I spotted a load of Dr Who DVD’S in the window for 99p each. There were some old series and some new series, and at first I thought each dvd was one episode they were so cheap, but for the new series it was 2 and the old series it was a complete story arc! Now I don’t mind watching Dr Who, which given I can’t really be bothered with TV is enthusiasm from me. Jon however loves Dr Who massively. So I bought them all….


Turns out when I got them home and did a little digging on the internet, that they originally came with one of those monthly magazines, called the Dr Who Files┬á. Anyway, when I went back the next day there were 40 odd more there. So I bought all of them! I don’t have photos cuz they are in a massive bag waiting till we can find somewhere to put them. but Jon is completely over the moon, and we are looking at it as a long term investment! ­čÖé

Also end of the week before last I sewed up another ladybird top….


Same fabric, same pattern as last time….the ubiquitous Sewaholic Renfrew. Long sleeved version this time though. I’m going to try a couple more adventurous knit problems next time, however I didn’t manage to get any momentum going as despite it only taking an hour and a half to make and looking amazing on the outside, the back side of the overlocker stitch was looping/bubbling and no amount of fiddling with the tension settings would tell me what was wrong. So I left starting the next one for a week whilst I researched on the internet. Finally I found a couple of blogs which suggested the problem probably was one of the threads wasn’t between its tension plates properly (as opposed to every other blog which said rethread it entirely with ┬ámulticoloured threads and fiddle some more…not if I can get away with it!) and looking at it closely, yes one of the threads was out from its tension plates. So I’ve fixed that!

I have no idea if it has worked yet though, as the builder came yesterday to sort us with new radiators and put a power point in behind the table where I sew so I don’t have to keep long and dangerous extension cables winding across the floor to plug the machines into. So I had to put the machines away on a shelf and hopefully when I get them out again the overlocker will have been sufficiently un-jolted it will work and not need rethreading anyway! :-S

However when I got up to get a glass of water a few minutes ago I had to peel myself off the seat I’m on, so I’m not going to try anything potentially very frustrating in this kind of heat!

Finally the overlocker….

So after several weeks of being ill I was rather well on Friday and finally got round to sewing up one of the t-shirts I cut out weeks ago.

I bought this fabric about the first time I found the amazing fabric stall on the market. Basically I was so overwhelmed by the availability of cheap jersey I bought everything vaguely decent looking without much thought, got it home and regretted it immediately.

It has ladybirds on it, and I for some reason thought it looked a bit cheap and twee….


So I decided to use it for practice pieces. However once I’d ironed it and cut it out, I suddenly realised its a lot cooler than I thought, from a distance the ladybirds don’t look cute and ladybird like they just look like random insects, and that kind of skin coloured light pink is actually one of my favourite colours for clothes…


So onto the top, it took me just under 3 hours to sew, but nearly an hour of that was swearing at the overlocker. Once I’d worked out how to set it up I found the overlocker quite easy to ┬áuse, the only problem is it goes very very fast and does not seem to have a slow down if I only press the pedal half way thing going on like my sewing machine does.

Next time I make one I need to adjust the thread tension, it wasn’t quite right. But it will do nicely for a first attempt.


Usual yuk don’t look at my arms disclaimer, we went out later and I put a chiffon blouse on over the top!

Next on the list of learning to use the overlocker jersey sewing is a 3/4 length sleeve version of this. ­čÖé