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Back to black

So I’ve had a bit of a gap from blogging as our house sale slowly creaks on becoming more of a headache every week that goes by but still inexplicably the chain not collapsing.

However here’s something I made back in September that’s a little bit hard to blog as it’s basically a plain black kischycoo patterns lady skater dress. Of which I have made several here , here and & here amongst several others.

This latest version is short sleeved and I’ve made the skirt a bit longer as fashions are changing and I’m getting older and so I added about 3 inches to the bottom of the pattern. Tbh if I was making it again I would probably make it an inch or two even longer. I’m really getting into longer skirts.

So here it is:

The jersey it’s made of is the same as this top. I got a job lot of ten meters from the market stall in Lewisham and it’s doing very well so far to update my basics with.

So the dress is a bit plain, but aren’t the tights awesome….

They have bits of skeleton and anatomical parts on them. They are from Violet Fane a Spanish lolita brand (who I can’t link to because my publisher doesn’t like Etsy links, but they are Violet Fane on Etsy) who have started to do really gorgeous patterned tights that actually fit me. It is one of those things thin people probably don’t realise actually. Standard tight sizes go up to about size 16 and if you fall above that getting patterned tights is virtually impossible. It massively sucks. Which is why I am so over the moon Violet Fane does these ones. Even so, I am a large size 20 and I am the largest they will take.

& here is a picture of the full outfit I was wearing….

I’ve had this striped Laura Ashley cardigan since the early 00’s, & it’s still going strong & the cat necklace is from Curiology.

Sadly I haven’t got much more wear out of the black dress as it’s really a middle of summer dress and by the time I made it the weather had turned, hence the big woolly cardigan. But I am looking forwards to it being a wardrobe staple next year.

another skater dress- Burberry style floral

I made this a few weeks ago, but I’ve had a backlog of blogging so didn’t get round to  posting till now.

Anyway, I decided to stop making mock-ups of stuff and hoarding the nicest fabric in my stash waiting for the perfect project to come along. So since I’ve been doing dancing every week, I need a pretty endless supply of easy to dance in jersey dresses. so I thought I’d revisit kitschykoo’s Lady Skater Dress which I have made twice before (here and here), but make it in one of my nicer fabrics this time.

The fabric I chose was a grey floral number with a Burberry Tartan style border print. Which was great, and it preached nicely and everything was fine until I came to cut it and realised the skirt pieces of the Lady Skater Dress are quite severely curved, so I couldn’t put the border at the bottom of the skirt as I had planned. I suppose I could have changed the skirt for a rectangular gathered one, but I panicked a bit, and as I was absolutely determined to make a dress that day whatever, I put the check border print along the bottom of the bodice instead. In the event this was probably the most sensible choice as a barely had fabric to finish the thing by the time I’d cut it all, so a rectangular skirt wouldn’t have worked anyway.

So I finished it, and it was fine, but then I looked at it on the hanger and was really disappointed and thought I’d wasted the gorgeous fabric, and didn’t like it at all…


So I sulked till Jon came home, and then tried it on and took some pictures…… and I’ve got to say although unprepossessing on the hanger, on me i love it!

floral ladyskater 3 floral ladyskater 2 floral lady skater


The line of check across the middle actually looks really nice I think.

Here is a close up of the check on the sleeves and the bodice..



So yeah, its a little too long on the bodice, as the pattern runs slightly long on me anyway, and as I cut the fabric horizontally down the grain rather than vertically across it, because of the pattern, it has stretched slightly lengthways.

But I am really pleased with that, and its been worn pretty much within a day or so of coming out of the wash ever since.

I have another project cut out ready to go at the moment, but am not really in a sewing mood this week, so we shall see if it actually happens or not!

black and white skater dress

So after deciding I was going to give sewing a break while I decided what I actually need in my wardrobe, I pretty much immediately had some energy and started on a new project.

This is the Lady Skater Dress from Kitschycoo patterns. Pretty much everyone who is a serious sewing blogger made it ages ago, but I was putting it off because I do NOT like PDF patterns, at all!

Not only do I find they don’t save you money, I mean even if I put the instructions in black and white I still had to print out 24 pages of full colour in order to see which line I needed to cut, but having to assemble and then cut out the patten pieces is really tiring and time consuming. Because I’m ill such a lot, when I sew I need things to be as easy and straight forwards as possible. PDF patterns are not good for this.

However more and more independent pattern companies are putting really nice patterns out primarily as pdfs and there are remarkably few basic jersey patterns from the mainstream pattern companies, so I needed to have a go at it some time.

Luckily, my boyfriend was working somewhere he could print the pattern off at work for me, and I had a morning when I was awake really early so I spent 2 hours preparing the pattern pieces feeling nice and awake for a change.

Then it took me a week longer to get going than I thought it would as you need a special type of clear elastic for the seams of this, and I forgot I didn’t have any ball point jersey needles left so I had to order some.

However these two things do not go together at all well, as the elastic completely ate jersey needles, I lost two in a very short space of time trying to sew the damn stuff down. In the end I gave up and just used the overlocker for any long seams involving the elastic.

Apart from that, nice and easy pattern to sew, I think I was a straight size 7 which is the 2nd biggest size, and its come out looking remarkably well…..

ladyskater 2 ladyskater 4

ladyskater 1


The fabric I used was one I had bought specially for doing mock-ups as even though it is a gorgeous pattern, and the white bit is printed into the fabric rather than sprayed on top, I still felt it is dubious quality. However it is one of those fabrics that looks infinitely better for being sewn into something and given a bit of an iron, so I think I’ve actually got a wearable dress out of it.

I’ve also got to say I love the length of this thing, I have an entire drawer full of skater dresses that I have bought over the years because they have really nice pattern, only to find they are so indecently short they can only be worn with cycling shorts underneath them for the gym or the very middle of summer. (or fat girl leggings, but I completely refuse to do the fat girl leggings thing!) It is so nice to find a pattern I feel comfortable with the length of. 🙂 I have ideas for another two versions of this I’d quite like to make.

As far as immediate future sewing goes though, I’ve been doing a lot of pre washing this week and a tiny bit of dying, and hopefully I’ll be back working my way through the list I made at new year for the next few items. Which will be completely boring as they are well used patterns, but totally necessary as I have a few fairly urgent gaps in my wardrobe that I really need to fill.

However I have some really awesome lace to embellish it all with, so that should make it a bit more fun at least. 🙂