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Christmas dresses -success and failure

Well the Christmas Lolita dress didn’t happen. All the pieces are cut out, even the interfacing, & it’s ready to go, but the week I was supposed to start on it, Jons grandfather died, which was very sad, but also meant that by the time we’d been sad and then traveled up to Suffolk for the funeral, I had no time left to spend on the dress. 

This is the second year I’ve tried to get underway with this one and got nowhere so maybe it’s fated. I think I’m going to bag it up as a ufo for next year as I’m not really feeling the inspiration with it at the moment. Mind you it is only the last two years I’ve tried to sew in December at all, in previous years I’ve packed my sewing machine away in late November and not got it out again till all the decorations came down in January. I always thought it was a space issue, but maybe there was logic behind it.

In more positive Xmas dress news Jon bought me a dress for Xmas from an actual shop this year. I mean omg, there was something in a shop that fit me that I wanted enough to ask for for Xmas. I didn’t wear it until today, but it being Chrostmas day today, waves and shouts Happy Christmas at everyone, I decided to wear it, & then being me, got Jon to take pictures…..

The dress is from Simply Be, who I must admit I have taken quite a shine to some of their clothes lately. & is worn with my ubiquitous M&S thermal underneath, partly cuz it looks cool, partly cuz it’s the middle of winter. Although it isn’t actually cold today (freak December heatwave) it is blowing a gale, so it was very difficult to get decent photos.

Close up of the lace on the bodice, which is actually fairly decent quality (the whole Lolita thing has given me an obsession with the quality of lace) and my necklace.

I got the necklace for Christmas today from Jons brother and his wife, & I am so happy with it. It is from Tatty Devine & I think they are hawthorn leaves and berries, & it is so witchy and Mori girl I am really happy.

Anyway, we are in Suffolk at the moment , so I am doing a bit of knitting, but no sewing can happen until I get home. I also got the most amazing clothes present from my parents this year, which is back in London, but will get a proper mention when I am reunited with it. 

Until then Have a very Hapy Christmas, or whatever you choose to celebrate! 🙂